Sage 300 CRE

1. Retrieve the current deposit report from the Payment Portal

2. In Sage 300 CRE, go to Accounts Receivable → A/R Transactions → Receipt Entry

3. Select an existing receipt batch, or create a new one

4. If desired, enter a description into the ‘Entry Description’ field

5. Select ‘Receipt’ as the transaction type

6. Enter the date of the receipt

7. Enter the following information from the first row of the deposit report CSV file:

a. Customer Number: Find the customer number that corresponds to the ‘customer_company’ column

b. Payment Code: Select the appropriate payment code

c. Check/Receipt Number: If desired, enter the value of the ‘transaction_id’ column

d. Receipt Amount: Enter the value of the ‘total’ column

8. Apply the receipt

9. Click ‘Add’

10. Use ‘Auto Apply’ to automatically apply the receipt to the customer’s outstanding invoices, or manually apply each payment.

11. Click ‘Save’ to apply the receipt.

12. Repeat steps 3-8 for each subsequent line on the deposit report.

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