Custom Descriptions for Invoice Items

One of ServiceTrade users' most frequent requests is for the ability to provide a custom description for line items. For instance, if you have an item in your item list whose name is 'Regular Labor' and whose item code is 'REGLABOR', you might wish to use that item on an invoice, but provide a more comprehensive description of what that particular item of labor was for. However, you might also want to retain invoice item's association to the underlying item code for reporting and data aggregation purposes -- for instance, to report on how many total hours of regular labor you used in the course of a month.

With today's release, it's now possible to edit the description of any invoice item, and soon that capability will be extended to job and quote items as well.

To change an invoice item's description, simply click the gray pencil icon to the right of the item selector:

Then, in the custom item description field that appears, enter the desired custom description for your invoice item:

...then click Save to save your changes to all the invoice items. The customized invoice item description now appears:

The custom description is also shown when your customer reviews the invoice through an Invoice Link:

When editing an invoice, if you wish to discard a custom description, simply click the blue revert icon to undo your description and return the item to its original description:

IMPORTANT: Custom invoice item descriptions are available only on ServiceTrade's new invoice page. To eliminate confusion, we recommend that ServiceTrade customers who wish to use this new feature migrate all their users to use the new invoice page.

IMPORTANT: Custom invoice item descriptions are currently only available for office users of ServiceTrade's web application. This capability will be extended to ServiceTrade mobile applications in a future release.

Account Settings API

ServiceTrade's API now includes an Account Settings endpoint. This GET-only endpoint provides information about account settings such as enabled job types, item types, asset definitions, etc.

For more information, see the Account Settings section of the ServiceTrade API documentation.

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