Quote Office Assignments

With today's release, it is now possible to assign a quote to the office from which it is being performed. This allows you a greater measure of control in defining which searches will find a particular quote, which brand is displayed to your customers on online quotes and so forth.

By default, each newly created quote will get assigned to the office to which the quote's location belongs. (If the quote's location belongs to multiple offices, the quote will be assigned to the office of the person who created the quote.)

To change a quote's office assignment, you can edit an individual quote by clicking 'Manage Quote':

You can now search the quotes list either for quotes assigned to a particular office by using the 'Quote Office' search:

...or you can search that list for quotes at locations which are assigned to a particular office by using the 'Location Office' search (this is equivalent to the 'Office' search that was previously available in this list):

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