1. Navigate to the Proposed Solutions of a report that contains at least one or more deficiencies. Click on "ServiceTrade Job/Quote."

2. If this is the first time you are linking this particular customer location to its ServiceTrade equivalent, you will be prompted to search for and select a building from ServiceTrade. To link the two locations together, you would search for the Location name or part of its address, and search results from ServiceTrade will be returned. If this is not your first time linking this particular building, skip to step 5.

3. During use (searching for buildings to link or creating ServiceTrade quotes/jobs), you will periodically be prompted by BuildingReports to log into ServiceTrade.

Note: In order for the ServiceTrade integration to work correctly, BuildingReports recommends creating a separate user account in ServiceTrade. This user must have the "Account Admin" activity privilege level.

4. The search will return the results from ServiceTrade. Click the "Link this location" button to link the buildings.

5. If the building has been previously linked this screen will be the first to appear after click "ServiceTrade Job/Quote."

Clicking the "Include in Job/Quote" header will select all of the devices in the list. To select individual devices, check the box next to it in the desired row.

6. After you have made your selection(s), you have the choice to "Create Job," "Create Quote," or "Add To Existing Job/Quote."

7. Creating a new job or quote will provide a message that the ServiceTrade job/quote was created successfully. Click "Close" to dismiss this message.

8. If you selected to add the deficiencies to an existing Job/Quote, a list of existing ServiceTrade Jobs and Quotes will appear. Click the desired quote or job and the discrepancies will be immediately added to it.

9. Once you have successfully created a ServiceTrade job or quote, they will automatically appear with a status of "New" and the "created" date column will reflect when the job or quote was created via the integration. As updates are made within ServiceTrade, both the "Updated" and "Status" columns will change accordingly.

10. When a technician marks a deficiency as "fixed' in ServiceTrade, it will show a fixed date in the Proposed Solutions section of your BuildingReports Inspection report.

Note: ServiceTrade does not offer technical assistance for this integration. All questions should be directed to BuildingReports Support.

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