ServiceTrade provides estimated sales tax in certain areas of the application, such as quoting and invoicing. The suggested sales tax that appears within the app represents a simple, destination-based calculation, and is provided for reference purposes only.

The sales tax rates suggested by ServiceTrade are acquired from a third party. These rates are regularly audited and refreshed by the third-party and are almost always accurate.

Note: These rates do not account for: non-US, origin-based, or multi-state nexus calculations, nor do they apply to areas where there are multiple tax jurisdictions per county.

If you should find a case where the sales tax rate appears to be incorrect, you may always manually edit the rate on a given quote or invoice. We are unable to request changes to this third party database. Any correction will almost certainly show up shortly as they maintain and update the records.

For those customers that send ServiceTrade invoices to their own accounting platform, our standard accounting integrations do not support the ability to push our suggested tax rates to any accounting software. In these cases, the sales tax you have set up in your accounting software will determine what rate is charged on individual items.

Premium/Enterprise Subscribers: If you require your taxes to follow more complex use cases or should you wish for tax rates to push to your accounting platform, please reach out to your Account Manager for additional information about how custom integrations may accomplish this.

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