More Invoice Details on Job Page

With today's release, you can now see more information about a job's invoices at a glance.

To view the details of the invoices associated with a job, simply open the new 'Invoices' section of the job page:

The details of all invoices associated with that job, including the number, transaction date, status, amount, and payments (if any) will be shown.

In addition, the job status section in the upper right corner of the job page now shows not only the total value of all invoices on a job, but also the total value of all payments applied to those invoices.

Click here to learn more about accepting payments online from your customers.

Additional Clock Event List Search Options

The ServiceTrade clock events list now supports two new search options: job type and job office.

'Start Up' Job Type Now Available

This release includes a new job type: 'Start Up'. You can manage the job types that you use in ServiceTrade by editing the Job Types section of your Account Settings page.

Quote API Improvements

The ServiceTrade quote API is now searchable by quote expiration date, using the date range filters expiresOnBefore and expiresOnAfter. See the ServiceTrade quote API documentation for more information.

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