If you use ServiceTrade's sub-assets feature, you may want to create blank fillable paperwork forms that make use of the parent/child relationships between assets.  For instance, you may want to have an alarm system inspection form that includes a list of all the alarm devices connected to (that is, sub-assets of) that particular alarm system.

To insert information about a given asset's sub-asset in a fillable PDF form field, the field name should be the field name for that asset, followed by the asset number, followed by "sub-asset", followed by the name of the sub-asset type, followed by the name of the data field that you want to display.  For instance: a field named servicetrade_job_assets-alarm-1-subasset-alarm_device-2-device_number will display the device number of the second alarm device associated with the first asset at this location.

You can use sub-asset field names in combination with asset repeating rules in your blank paperwork files to create a blank paperwork file that produces as many copies of the form as needed to display all of your parent assets and all of each parent asset's sub-assets.  For instance, if you have 3 alarm systems that each have 45 alarm devices, but your form can only display 30 devices per page, your asset and sub-asset repeat rules could produce a 6-page document:  2 pages for each alarm system, each of which would have the first 30 devices on the first page, and the remaining 15 devices on the second page.

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