ServiceTrade provides users with powerful access to their data by allowing Jobs to be searched using a variety of criteria.

Clicking the "Jobs" button within the navigation bar will bring you to the Job Search Page.

From here, users can provide as much or as little data as they wish to find relevant jobs. A brief description of these fields follows.

  • Job Number - the number assigned to the job by ServiceTrade.
  • Company - the Bill to specified on the job.
  • Location - the ship to or service location indicated on the job.
  • Service Vendor - vendor performing the job (either your company or a subcontractor).
  • Subcontracted From - jobs assigned by a particular contractor.
  • Location Office - the office assigned to the job's location.
  • Job Office - the office assigned to the particular job.
  • Technician - the technician(s) assigned to the job. Multiple technicians may be selected.
  • Owner - the job owner (typically the job's creator).
  • Salesperson - the job salesperson indicated by the contract.
  • Status - status of the Job (Unscheduled, Canceled, Scheduled, Completed, Invoiced). Multiple statuses can be selected.
  • Type - type of job. Available options will vary depending upon the Job Types selected in your Account Settings.
  • Due By - From and To fields allow you to select jobs' within a due date range.
  • Schedule - From and To fields for selecting jobs' scheduled within a certain period.
  • Service Lines - the Service Line associated with the job. Multiple may be selected.
  • Jobs with - jobs with specific conditions. Applies to a job's appointment/service status or a job's part's status.
  • Region - jobs from the selected, manually-created regions will be displayed.
  • Tag - tags assigned to jobs.
  • Contract - contract assigned to the job.
  • Asset Name - asset being serviced on the Job
  • Sort - the sort order of the search results
  • Limit - number of jobs to be displayed in results

Once you have given the desired data, click the blue "Search" button to pull your results.

If you wish to being a new search, and discard the previous results, click the "reset" link to the right of the search button.

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