Add Attachments to Assets

It is now possible to add attachments to assets.  These attachments can be viewed and added both by office staff and by technicians using the tablet web application.

To add an attachment to an asset in the office web interface, simply go to that asset and click the 'Upload Files' button in the Attachments section:

To view attachments in the technician tablet application, go to any asset and scroll to the 'Files and Photos' section.  Add attachments by clicking the blue Add button and then selecting attachments from your camera roll or by taking a picture:

Add Quotes to Assets

You can now create a quote directly from any asset.  To create a quote for an asset, open the quotes section of the asset page and click 'Add Quote':

Then enter the details of the quote that you want to create:

View Attachments in Tablet Service History

Technicians can now view attachments on any prior service through the technician tablet application.  This feature allows technicians to easily access and review paperwork, pictures, audio notes, and other attachments on prior services (for instance, accessing last year's inspection form when performing this year's inspection).

To view attachments on any appointment in the tablet application, simply view that appointment and then scroll to the 'Files and Photos' section.  For appointments on jobs that have not yet been completed, you can add new attachments by clicking the blue Add button:

Appointments on completed jobs will show a read-only list of attachments.

Intacct Classes

ServiceTrade's native integration with Intacct now supports the Class dimension in Intacct.  You can choose to map Intacct classes to ServiceTrade job types, or to ServiceTrade item types.

To enable the Class dimension integration, go to the Intacct configuration settings page in ServiceTrade and select the class mapping option that you would like to use from the 'Class Dimension' dropdown:

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