• PartsLedger 2.0 or newer required


Set up the Inventory Error queue

  1. In ServiceTrade, navigate to JobsJobs
  2. Change the Jobs toggle to show Job Items
  3. Select Reference Number under Item Source Types
  4. Enter "Inventory Error" under Item Source Name
  5. Click Search
  6. Bookmark the URL in your browser, as this will save your search and allow you to return here with one click

Resolve inventory quantity errors

  1. Click any of the queue results that state Inventory Error Max Qty x, where x was the available quantity in that PartsLedger warehouse at the time the line item was added
  2. Review the cause for the variance. Did the user select the correct part, quantity, or warehouse? If not, edit the job item to reflect the correction. For more details, read Pull parts from a warehouse or truck onto a ServiceTrade Job
  3. If the error is the result of a true variance between PartsLedger and the physical counts, make an inventory adjustment before continuing. Review the article Post an inventory adjustment for more details
  4. With the variance corrected, click the Parts, Labor, and Items box to edit the job items for this ServiceTrade job
  5. Change the Reference source to Warehouse and re-select the desired warehouse, then click Save. This will re-post the inventory commitment.


  • If you request a quantity of 10, and only 6 are available, PartsLedger will not commit any inventory: not 6, not 10 with a -4. The presence of the inventory error means that PartsLedger was unable to complete the transaction and stopped.
  • When you resolve an Inventory Error and re-post with the warehouse source, the entire transaction is posted as new. You no longer need to delete bad line items and post new items in ServiceTrade. Simply updating the job item with the correct quantities is sufficient.

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