Quote Items can be Associated with Services

With today's release, it's now possible to assign each quote item to a particular service on that quote. This allows you to organize and track your material and labor needs, costs, and revenue down to the level of the individual quoted service and the individual asset.

To see and manage those assignments, turn on the 'Group by service' switch in the quote items section of any quote:

When this switch is enabled, all your quote items will be organized by the services with which they are associated:

Items that haven't been associated with any service will appear in the 'No Service' section at the top of the list.

To move an item from one service to another, simply drag it to the section that corresponds to the service that you want:

Technicians in the field can also assign quote items to specific services. When adding or editing an item, touch the arrow on the right side of the 'Service' section to choose the service...

...and then choose the desired service from the list and touch Save:

When you add a service that has some items associated with it (for instance, a service from a service template)...

...those items are automatically assigned to that service:

When a repair job is created from an approved quote, the job's job items will be associated with the same services as their corresponding quote items.

The quoteitem API now supports an optional serviceRequestId parameter that, if provided, assigns the quote item to the provided service request. More information is available in that endpoint's API documentation.

Bulk Send Invoices to Accounting System

This release also includes the ability to send a batch of invoices to an integrated accounting system in bulk. To send a batch of invoices, perform a search on the invoice list, then select (or select all) the invoices that you wish to send. Click the gear icon at the top of the invoice list, then click Submit to Accounting System.

In the window that appears, select the accounting system to which you want to submit the invoices:

IMPORTANT: Because of potential resource limitations in your QuickBooks Desktop environment, you can only send a maximum of 25 invoices at a time to QuickBooks Desktop. If you experience issues with delivering invoices in bulk to QuickBooks Desktop, try sending a smaller number of invoices.

Cost Details on Invoice Items

You can now see each invoice item's association with the job item for which it was generated. When you view an invoice, each invoice item created for a job item has a blue link icon next to it.

By hovering your mouse on that link, you can see details about the corresponding job item, including the item's source and used on date. You can also see the unit cost of each corresponding job item.

Invoice items that do not have an associated job item will have a gray link icon, and no unit cost will be shown.

IMPORTANT: Job item costs are displayed only to users who have permission to view or edit labor item costs AND view or edit non-labor item costs. Users who have not been granted all of these permissions will not see the job item cost column.

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