Here's the webinar recording from Tuesday, February 28th. You can see all the questions and our answers, below the video. Some of the questions that were answered in-depth during the webinar are not written out below, so you need to watch the video AND read the Q&A for the Triple Sapphire Ultra Premium Experience.

Check out the new asset management tools, sub-asset hotness, and lots of small but life-changing improvements and give us all your feedback. Our product and development teams survive on a steady diet of continuous feedback, so please, give our devs a veritable Spring Feast of feedback! Make sure to send all that feedback to, please and thank you!

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Dispatch Board

Q: When hiding techs, are they hidden for everyone else too?

A: No, techs are hidden for just you.

Q: When hiding techs, do they stay hidden when you leave and come back to the page?

A: Yes, the setting is persistent.

Q: Will everyone’s board show the same techs or can we assign certain techs to certain people?

A: This new feature does not change who can see which techs. Everyone still has default visibility to their office’s techs with the option to see techs in other offices. This feature helps users limit that view if their office has a large number of techs.

A: Yep, just make sure that the sharing settings on the link for the file are set so that anyone with the link can access the file.

Q: Can the tech retrieve an existing PDF? if so where?

A: Yes, you can save the PDF in a file sharing application like Google Drive or Dropbox and copy-and-paste the link into ServiceTrade. You can also save the file on a ServiceTrade job, location, etc. and copy-and-paste the file link.

Assets and Sub-assets

Q: During sub-asset creation, will it give you the ability to name the model?

A: Yes, you can. Optionally, select the “parent” asset when creating a sub-asset.

Q: Is the mapping any different for these sub-assets. Are there modifications needed on the PDF form fields to recognize these sub-assets?

A: For blank paperwork, you can either use the standard form fields to access all sub-assets, or you can access the sub-assets of a particular parent assets. See this support article for details:

Q: Can you create jobs by for sub-assets?

A: Yes, you can create jobs for sub-assets just like you can regular assets.

Q: When will assets be visible on the mobile apps?

A: Assets are visible on the mobile app when adding deficiencies. However, adding and editing assets in the mobile app is not on our roadmap for 2017.

Q: Is there a way to bulk add assets to a location?.

A: Yes, there is a bulk upload asset tool.

ServiceTrade Certification Courses

Q: Is the fee for the entire company or per user?

A: The certification courses are priced per user.

Q: Are the tech training courses recorded?

A: Yes, the courses include recorded videos, interactive lessons, and digital exams.
A tech can revisit the courses as many times as they need to review any points.

Q: Will there be costs associated with non-tech users when the courses expand?

A: Yes, office user, advanced office users, and administrator courses will have a price.

Q: How long will it take to finish the entire course?

A: This varies from person to person, but should be expected to take anywhere from 2-3 hours.

Q: Office staff pricing will be the same for certification?

A: The pricing for office user certification courses is not set yet.

Other Topics

Q: is there a way to get the technician that was assigned to the quote to pop up as the technician assigned to the job?

A: Currently, no. However, we do plan to assign the preferred tech on any quoted services to the jobs created from quotes.

Q: When a job is completed, why doesn’t update the next due date for services?

A: The short answer is because about half of our customers don't want it to work that way. We do have a future feature planned to make it easier to update future recurring services when marking a job as complete. I don't have an ETA on when that feature might arrive, however.

A: No, the Service Link does not inform the customer that you have the portal activated on your website. You will have to notify your customers that Customer Portal is available.

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