Configurable Terms and Conditions

It has long been possible to set the default Terms & Conditions that are displayed to your customer for your jobs and quotes.   However, we didn't provide the flexibility to override those default T&Cs for individual jobs and quotes, or to manage different versions of your T&Cs.  To meet those needs, we've added the following new capabilities:

  • A Terms and Conditions list.  You may create as many T&Cs as needed.
  • Account-level default job and quote T&Cs, selected from your T&Cs list.  All newly created jobs and quotes are associated with your account's default T&Cs.
  • The ability to select the T&Cs that apply to an individual job or quote.

If you were already using Terms and Conditions in ServiceTrade, you don't need to make any changes.  Your old account job and quote T&Cs will be automatically migrated to the new T&Cs list, and they will continue to work just as they did before these new features were introduced.

For more information about how to use Terms and Conditions, please refer to this article.

View Services for Assets

It is now possible to view the list of all services associated with a particular asset, in the same way that you can view the list of all services associated with an entire location.

To review an asset's services, simply go to that asset and open the Services section.  All one-time and recurring services associated with that asset will be displayed.  The ability to review a service's upcoming schedule on an inline calendar, as you can do on the location page, will be added in a future release.

We've also improved the display of services on the location page:  the way services are presented is now more consistent with service displays on other pages (such as jobs and assets), and the services are now presented in a more logical order, with earliest due services presented first.

Intacct Projects

Many of our customers find it advantageous to report on job-by-job profitability in their accounting system.  To support this need, ServiceTrade's integration with Intacct now supports the Projects dimension.

To enable the Projects dimension, go to your Intacct integration settings and choose 'ServiceTrade job' under the Projects dimension setting.  With this dimension enabled, each line item on invoices sent to Intacct will be tagged with a project that corresponds to the ServiceTrade job.  If that project does not already exist in Intacct, it will be created; if it does already exist, it will be used.

If you wish to accumulate costs against a particular ServiceTrade job/Intacct project prior to invoicing, you can simply create that project in Intacct as you need it.  Once the ServiceTrade invoice is created, it will be tagged to that existing project. 

IMPORTANT:  If you choose to pre-create projects in Intacct, you must use the following format when assigning their IDs:  the letters 'ST' followed by the job number in ServiceTrade.  For instance, if you want to create a project in Intacct that corresponds to ServiceTrade job 12346677, your Intacct project ID should be 'ST12346677'.

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