Location Information in Technician Tablet Application

Recently we released the ability to view the service history and other information about individual assets in the technician tablet web application.  In this week's release, we have expanded this capability to give your technicians visibility into the service history and other information about the entire location that they are currently servicing.

To access the location's service history, press the location details right-arrow button to the right of the location's name:

The tablet location page currently shows the service history for the location, and any attachments associated with that location; in the future, even more information will be available.

IMPORTANT:  You can manage your technician's access to view the location page with the "View Location Info for Other Companies" permission.  Technicians who are not granted this permission do not see the location details right-arrow button, and cannot access the tablet location page.

You can also manage which prior jobs your technicians can view on the location's Service History section.  Technicians who are granted either the "View, List, and Search Other Techs' Jobs" or the "Manage Jobs" permission can see all prior jobs, regardless of which technician performed them; technicians who have neither of these permissions can see only jobs that they performed.

If you'd like any technicians to gain both abilities above, simply add the "Account Tech + History" role to their account.

Quote Names

It is now possible to change the name of your quotes.  To change a quote's name, click on Manage Quote in the upper right corner of the quote page:

Then set the name in the Quote Name field:

The quote's name will appear in the quote list, and in quote accordion lists on the location, asset, and deficiency pages.  It will also appear in emails that your customers receive when you send them quotes for approval.

More Intacct Customer Mapping Options

It is now possible to choose either "Customer Only" or "Customer : Location" mappings when configuring your Intacct integration.  With the new "Customer Only" option, customers in Intacct will be created that correspond to your ServiceTrade customer companies, but customers will NOT be created in Intacct for your ServiceTrade service locations.  Please see this support article for more information about Intacct customer mapping options.

User Role API

User role assignments are now accessible via ServiceTrade's API user endpoint. You can use this information to build integrations that let you evaluate the roles that are assigned to each ServiceTrade user.  In future releases, management of user role assignments via the ServiceTrade API user endpoint will also be supported.  For more information, see the user API endpoint documentation.

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