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About ServiceTrade Lists:

There are several objects you may view and export data for in list form:

  • Jobs
  • Quotes
  • Deficiencies
  • Invoices
  • Companies
  • Locations
  • Contracts
  • Assets
  • Vendors
  • Items

These lists usually show all instances of the above entities when you first load the list. In most cases, you will need to filter to find what you are looking for.  You may wish to see only failed invoices, only submitted (waiting on a response) quotes, or perhaps only unscheduled jobs.

Saving searches:

  • ServiceTrade remembers your last search for any given list (until you clear browser history), so you can always pick up where you left off.
  • You may also create a browser bookmark after saving any search, to return to it later. 


I can't see a list.  The button is not there. 

  • Ask your manager or ServiceTrade Admin to look into your permissions settings.

How can I make a quote not appear in the list?  

  • Remember that you are initially looking at all quotes.  Change the search parameters (status, date range, etc) to filter down to just the quotes you are looking for.

Can I just delete a (quote, job, invoice)?  

  • No. These objects represent historical business data, and should not / cannot be deleted.  You may cancel or void them.  If searching "all quotes" - you will see canceled quotes as well though, for example.  Remember to narrow your search.

How can I print the list?  

  • Printing directly from the browser usually has poor results.  We recommend that you use the Export to Spreadsheet button, then print from Excel.  For more info on exports, see this article

Can I search for "not complete" or incomplete jobs?

  • Indirectly yes.  Simply search for jobs with statuses "unscheduled" and "scheduled" (but not "completed", "canceled", or "invoiced".

I can't find what I am looking for / my search is not working and I know it should. 

  • Check the fields to make sure that you don't have an entry (even a space character) that could affect your search.  You may also click "reset" next to the orange search button, then click search.  Now try to narrow down your search again.

I don't have the option to search for what I want.

  • Get as close as you can using the available search filters.
  • Export to a .csv file.
  • Open .csv file in Excel.
  • Filter further using Excel.
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