The Service Opportunities tool is a bulk job creator and should be the primary way that you create jobs from your recurring services.  

1. From the Service Opportunities page, use the text fields to narrow your search results to the services you wish to schedule.

Below, we have provided descriptions of each of the fields.

  • Date Range (required) - select the timeframe in which services are due.

  • Office (required) - for accounts with multiple offices. You can select a single office to display services for or all offices.

  • Service Type (required) - Approved Services (services from an approved quote), Recurring Services, One-Time Services, or all available services.

  • Service Lines - used to limit your search to service lines selected in the fields.

  • Preferred Technician/Vendor - limit the search to services with the selected preferred technician or vendor.

  • Location - search results will be limited to the selected service location.

  • Region - only services from the selected, manually-created regions will be displayed.

  • Company - displayed services from locations associated with this company will be displayed.

  • Location Tags - services from locations with selected tags will be shown.

The example below shows results for approved Kitchen Exhaust cleaning services, due next month, from our Durham office.

2. Selecting one or more of the Services from the results will display the options of the service(s). The options selected here will be applied to all services that were selected from your search results.

When selecting locations from your results, services that are coming due that do not match your criteria will be displayed alongside services that do. This allows those services to be booked to the same job, if so desired. By default, the jobs that do not match your criteria will not be selected.

3. In addition to creating Jobs from the Service Opportunities screen, you are also able to "Delay" or "Cancel" these services.

  • Delaying a service indicates that you will perform this particular instance of the service at a later time.

  • Cancelling a service indicates that you are not performing the October occurrence, for example, and the November service will be the next one to be performed.

4. In the example above, services that have a preferred tech, vendor, and time will be scheduled according to those rules. Once you have your desired options selected, click the "Create Job" button in the top right corner. The number in this field will indicate the number of jobs that you will create.

Services that do not have a preferred time will not be scheduled but will be available to schedule using either the ServiceTrade Scheduler or Dispatch board.

Note: When searching for Service Opportunities, it's generally best to always leave the "Limit to" search field on the default setting, "Approved Services." This will prevent any Services from appearing in your search that may not yet be approved.


1. What does "month + 2" mean?

Two months from the current month. For example, if it is currently April, "month + 2" will show Service Opportunities for the month of June. "Month + 2" will only show Service Opportunities for the third month, not the current month or next month.

2. How may I see service opportunities further out than month + 2?  The custom view won't let me do this either.

This is not supported at this time.  ServiceTrade is designed to bulk create jobs when they are fairly close to coming up. 

3. How and when are service opportunities created by ServiceTrade?

There are two rules:

  1. We always generate the next instance of each recurring service.

  2. We generate instances of recurring services +3 months into the future. (This happens nightly). 

So you will always have at least 1 future instance of each recurring service, and possibly many more than that, depending on how many instances of that service could occur between now and now + 3 months.

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