The Service Opportunities tool is a bulk job creator, and should be the primary way that you create jobs from your recurring services.  We walk you through it in the video below:

Note: When searching for Service Opportunities, it's generally best to always leave the "Limit to" search field on the default setting, "Approved Services." This will prevent any Services from appearing in your search that may not yet be approved.


What does "month + 2" mean?

  • The remainder of this month, + two more months.  For example, if it was April 15, we would show you service opportunities ranging from the remainder of this month through the end of June.

How may I see service opportunities further out than month + 2?  The custom view won't let me do this either.

  • This is not supported at this time.  ServiceTrade is designed to bulk create jobs when they are fairly close to coming up. 

How and when are service opportunities created by ServiceTrade?

There are two rules:

  1. We always generate the next instance of each recurring service.
  2. We generate instances of recurring services +3 months into the future. (This happens nightly). 

So you will always have at least 1 future instance of each recurring service, and possibly many more than that, depending on how many instances of that service could occur between now and now + 3 months.

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