In the below tutorial, we cover most aspects of using the jobs page:  

Reviewing jobs with completed work:

  • Once a job is in the past, it will be displayed under "Past Jobs to be Marked Complete" on the Dashboard.
  • An office staff member should review all jobs in this category.  This review process should become a key part of your new workflow.  Note that in ServiceTrade, only the office can mark a job, overall, as complete.  The technician is saying that his or her appointment is complete, and his or her service is complete.  There may be more than one service or appointment on a job.
  • There may be some specific action or actions you wish to take, such as ordering parts, asking the tech for missing documentation, creating an additional appointment, changing the service due date, or more.  If so, make the change.  If not, mark the job as complete by clicking "Complete Job".

Invoicing jobs:


How do I delete a job?

In ServiceTrade, jobs (like most objects) are considered critical business data, and thus cannot be deleted.  They may be canceled, however, which will remove them from most views. The following steps cover deleting (canceling) a job:

  • Navigate to the job page for the job you wish to delete.
  • On the right side of the page, click the red "cancel job" button.
  • You might have a need to cancel a job that has already been marked as complete.
  • To cancel a job (or appointment), it must be open. Click on "Reopen Job".
  • The page will reload and you will now have the option to "Cancel Job".

How do I remove a service from a job?

You may wish to remove a service (or a quoted service) from a job If you accidentally added a service to the wrong job.

To do so: 

  • Visit the job that has the service you wish to remove.
  • Looking at the appointment to which the service you want to remove is attached, click the gear icon to the right of the service description.
  • A drop down menu will appear. Click the “Remove from Job” option.

This will remove the job, returning the service to the location page or quote, allowing you to attach it to a new job.**

**Note that if a quote has multiple services you will need to remove all services from the job that were attached to a quote before you can attach that quote to a new job.

How do I change a job's bill-to?

It is possible to change a job's bill-to without permanently changing company and location information.  A good example of why you might want to do this is if billing a national contractor for certain kinds of work while billing the owner for general work. 

  • A job's bill-to may be changed by clicking "manage job".
  • Typing the desired bill-to in the "Bill to" box will overwrite the original selection. Typing the first few letters will search for companies in your account. For best results, ensure you are selecting an existing company.

How do I change the location for a job?  I created it for the wrong location.

  • Jobs are considered "bound" to a service location. If a job was created under the wrong location entirely, you will need to cancel the job and manually recreate it under the correct location.

How do I mark a job as "in-progress"?

  • A single clock event will automatically mark a job as in-progress.
  • There is no manual "switch" that marks a job as in-progress.

How can I download all the photos at once on a job?

  • This is not a feature at this time, but you can accomplish this via a Chrome Extension. 
  • Try the Image Downloader extension for Chrome! This handy tool might be what you've been looking for.
  • There may be other similar extensions for other browsers.

Looking at the job history, why is my tech assigned to a job and to the appointment?

  • The distinction is purely arbitrary, as it means the same thing for purposes of assignment, but it all depends on where in ST you assign them to the job/appointment. 
  • When you add them from a quote, it will add them to job and appointment, but from everywhere else it simply adds them to the appointment. It has to do with the way certain actions associate with the job or appointment, and depending upon which is being referenced (or both) it will use that verbiage.

Am I able to hide job items from a tech?

  • No.  Job items are intended to communicate to the tech, the customer, and the office, what might be used on the job or considered on the job.  
  • Job items typically represent parts and labor.
  • Job items do not have a price.  We only show pricing on quotes and invoices. 

I accidentally cancelled an appointment.  Can I re-open it?

  • On the appointments section of the job page, simply click the button that says "Show Canceled" and it will display any canceled appointments you have.
  • Then, on the canceled appointment you would like to reopen, click the 'Actions' button and an option to reopen it will appear.

Am I able to move things from one job to another, such as attachments or clock events?

  • Not at this time. 

Am I able to rename attachments on the job page?

  • Not at this time.
  • You could download the attachment, rename it, and re-upload it.  Then delete the original attachment. 

Is there a way to "pause" a job or to put it on hold?

  • Not directly.  Most people use a tag for this purpose, such as "On-Hold" or "Awaiting-Parts", etc.
  • You may also wish to use scheduling notes, to prevent scheduling if there is a hold for any reason. 

Last Updated: 02/01/2020

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