Items represent parts, services, labor, fees, and other charges that you would place on quotes, jobs, and/or quotes as line items.  ServiceTrade offers an item library that can be used to help build quotes, jobs, and invoices.

In the video below, we walk you through creating a new library item:


How do I delete an item?

To delete an item:

  1. Navigate to your item list.

  2. Click and item description to edit.

  3. Change the item status to inactive.

This will hide the item everywhere in ServiceTrade (except for when specifically searching the item list for inactive items).

How do I make an item have multiple service lines?

  • You must make one item per service line, such as "Labor" (Sprinkler), "Labor" (Alarm).

  • Item codes must be unique, however you can use the same description as many times as you like.

I updated an item in the master item list and it did not change on my job/quote/invoice.

  • If you change an item description or taxability, nothing changes on past jobs. The old description is retained.

  • It is highly recommended not to change item service lines, unless you are sure they are not in use on open jobs. ┬áConsider making an additional (new) item if you need to use a different service line.

  • If you make an item inactive, it cannot be searched for in the item fields on jobs, quotes, invoices, etc. If it is already on a past job/invoice/etc, it is retained (so nothing breaks).

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