Deficiencies are opportunities found in the field that need follow-up action by the office. This follow-up is usually in the form of a quote for repair or other action that brings the machine of note or the environment itself up to a reasonable level of performance, safety, or compliance.

There are 3 possible ways that deficiencies get created in ServiceTrade:

  • (The primary way) - A tech creates the deficiency in the field, using the ServiceTrade app for iOS or Android.
  • The office may create a deficiency from the deficiency list or from a location page.
  • It is possible for 3rd party integrations to create deficiencies in ServiceTrade.

We find that ServiceTrade users see an explosion in the number of reported deficiencies due to the ease of logging them using our app.  With that in mind, it will be critical to establish a process by which all deficiencies are reviewed and quoted by sales personnel in a timely manner.

In the video below, Aaron walks us through managing deficiencies:


How can I put multiple deficiencies on the same quote?

You will need to visit each deficiency page one at a time, but you can add deficiencies to existing quotes.

  1. Create a quote from any one deficiency.
  2. Save that quote as a draft.
  3. Revisit the location page or deficiency list and go to view another / different deficiency you wish to add to quote.
  4. You will notice that when the system detects a draft quote for a deficiency on a given location, and you are now viewing another deficiency, it offers to let you add to quote, rather than just create a new quote.

NOTE: The above method still works, but is somewhat depreciated as the new quote page allows you to add existing deficiencies to a quote, right from the quote page.

How can I delete a deficiency?

  • There isn't a way to delete a deficiency from a location or job. You can change it's status. First, view the deficiency. Click Edit. Then change the status to "invalid". On the location/job, you can toggle between show or hide fixed/invalid deficiencies.¬†

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