Service Link is our after job report that saves paper, impresses your customer, and drives fierce loyalty to your company.  As a live copy of the job that they may view anytime, it enables customers to help themselves by reviewing and re-downloading job information, photos, and paperwork.

In the video below, we walk you through creating a Service Link.


What information is displayed on a Service Link?

You have total control over what your customer can see on the Service Link, both in the below categories, and for individual entities within each category.

  • Job description.

  • Services, their descriptions, and the related asset (if applicable).

  • Parts/Labor/Items used.

  • Comments

  • Attachments (photos, paperwork, etc)

  • Deficiencies

Note: Service Links do not support encrypted PDF files. If you attach an encrypted PDF to your Service Link, you will receive an error when attempting to print the link.

If I change something on the job, or upload new documents or photos, will my customer see that too?

  • Yes. The Service Link is completely dynamic - so any changes you make to the job are immediately available for someone to see on the Service Link page, provided that you have marked them as visible to the customer.

  • Note, only the Service Link page changes.  The content of the email body that the customer originally received is set and unchanging.

Do my customers see photo descriptions (entered from the mobile app)?

  • No, these are for intended for internal documentation only.

Will a Service Link ever expire?  Will my customer always be able to see the Service Link?

  • Absolutely.  The Service Link is meant to be a living work order, so anyone with the link can see it at any time in the future to review the job, download files, or present proof of compliance to entities such as a Fire Marshal.

  • The Service Link will remain available even if you cancel a job or deactivate a company/location. 

  • The Service Link will remain available even if your ServiceTrade account is deactivated.

Is there a way to remind customers of an upcoming appointment?

  • You can send them a Service Link!  If you send a Service Link before the job begins, some the the language changes (i.e. "upcoming job", etc). 

Does Service Link go out automatically?

  • No - you always have control over when a Service Link (or anything else) is sent to your customer.

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