ServiceTrade is slow to load for me.

We actively monitor all aspects of ServiceTrade Production, and do not perform services which would affect performance without warning (via in-app message).

If you believe a page to be slower than it normally feels, please try the following steps:

  • Confirm that the issue is not isolated to your computer. Try another available machine in the office. If another user / machine works normally, you may wish to clear the browser cache, to proceed with normal PC/Mac troubleshooting, or to partner with your IT to determine the issue.
  • Check the actual page load time using this tool for Chrome. Note this.
  • Check the bandwidth to your office, using a tool like Note your up and down speeds.
  • Check Intercom (in-app support messages) and email for notices from ServiceTrade Support (unlikely).
  • Open a support ticket that includes the exact URL, the results of the page load time, the results of your office internet speed test, and any other details.

The suggested tax rate seems to be incorrect:

  • ServiceTrade provides estimated sales tax in certain areas of the application, such as quoting and invoicing. This sales tax is provided for convenience and estimation.
  • The sales tax suggested by ServiceTrade represents a combined tax rate for a given county, and is acquired from a third party. These rates are regularly audited and refreshed by the third party, and are almost always accurate.
  • If you should find a case where the sales tax rate appears to be incorrect, you may always manually edit the rate on a given quote or invoice. We are unable to request changes to this third party database. Any correction will almost certainly show up shortly as they maintain and update the records.

Sometimes I see a thumbnail for PDFs, while other times I see a PDF icon:

  • There are a number of reasons that PDF thumbnails are not always able to be generated.
  • We used to present a blank icon if a thumbnail could not be generated.  This behavior might suggest that the document is blank, and so we changed it.
  • Now it just shows a PDF icon, to at least indicate what type of file it is.  Clicking or tapping the PDF icon will result in the report downloading or opening (depending on your system).  Even though a thumbnail is not always able to be generated, the PDF will still work normally. 

How do things work if my users are in different time zones?

  • In ServiceTrade Admin (web/office app), all times displayed are in the time zone preference of the logged-in user. If scheduling a job for a tech or office that is outside of your time zone, keep this in mind.
  • In the mobile apps, all times are in the current time zone (current = whatever the phone is getting from the tower)

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