ServiceTrade offers the capability to bulk import certain kinds of data.

To bulk import data, go to the Bulk Import page and choose which kind of data you'd like to import by clicking its tab within the black bar. Then follow these steps:

  1. Download the relevant import template (provided within ServiceTrade).

  2. Fill out the template.  You will likely have exported information from another system to an Excel or CSV file.  That information may be pasted into our import template.  IMPORTANT: Check the other articles in this section to fully understand which fields are required, and what each field means in our import templates.

  3. Upload your import template.

After you upload your import template, you'll be taken to a progress page.  

If there are any failures:

  1. Download the failures.

  2. Open the failures file in Excel (or similar app).  The failures file is in the same format as your import template, except that we only show failed rows.  We add a column on the far right explaining the failure reason.

  3. Resolve each row's reason for failure.

  4. Import the now corrected failures file.  You may leave the failure reason column in place - it won't hurt anything and will be ignored by the importer.

  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 above until you have no more failures.


I did an export from another system, and it is not importing into ServiceTrade.

  • Your export is almost certainly not in a format that is usable.

  • You will need to get your data into one of our import templates by following the 3 steps above.

Can I use the bulk import tools to update data?

  • The bulk import item tool allows for bulk updates to pricing and invoices.

  • IMPORTANT: All other tools only create new data.  They do not update.

  • If interesting in bulk updating data, please open a ticket by emailing Support.

Why would I want to update invoices?

  • If you manually export ServiceTrade invoices and then recreate them in an external accounting system, you may wish to later bulk update them as "processed" or another status to indicate that action was taken. 

How do I check the progress of a bulk import?

  • Click on Customers -> Bulk Imports.  This will take you to the import history.

  • In-progress imports will show on this page, with a progress bar. 

My bulk import seems to be stuck.

  • You may check the status of any bulk import on the bulk import tool index page.

  • If you were to see no progress for more than a few minutes, corrupt data may be the cause.

  • For any bulk import that seems to be stalled, there are no end-user troubleshooting steps.

  • Open a support ticket and we will work to resolve it for you.

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