ServiceTrade makes managing assets (customer-owned equipment) easy.
Tracking assets provides the customer, office, and technician with richer history and better organization of your service data.  In the video below, we walk through the creation of a simple asset, from the office user's perspective.  Often, the technician is in the best position to capture accurate asset information. This is easily accomplished via the ServiceTrade Tablet View, which is covered in the Field Technician portion of the Help Center.

Creating a simple asset:

There are many recent additions to asset functionality in ServiceTrade:


It is now possible to have parent-child relationships between assets.
See these release notes for more info.

Adding Attachments or Quotes to Assets:

It is now possible to attach files, such as photos, schematics, or warranty information directly to assets.  You may also now create a quote directly from an asset.
See these release notes for more info.


How do I delete an asset?

  • Go to the asset page. Click edit.  Toggle "active" to "inactive"

What is the 'Building' Asset?

  • On every location there is a default asset simply labeled as 'Building' that allows you to assign general deficiencies to the location itself as opposed to a specific asset/piece of equipment.

Can I get asset information to print out on paperwork?

  • Absolutely.  We cover this in depth in the "Working with Blank Fillable Paperwork" section of the Help Center.

I need to put more info on an asset, such as the last few psi readings, measurements from the last job, etc.

  • This information is better recorded on your paperwork.
  • Asset fields, while easily edited, are intended for static, rarely changing information, such as serial number, install date, warranty tag#, etc.

Can I move an asset to a new location?

  • No. Non-moving items that are physically bolted to the building (such as an HVAC unit or an alarm panel) are what assets are intended for.

Can I use a barcode scanner with assets?

  • Sure.  Note that barcode scanners ARE keyboards.  For mobile devices you will need to research the App Store or Google Play store for an app which gives access to a 3rd party keyboard app which would turn your phone or tablet into a barcode scanner by using the camera. 

I need to report a problem on an asset.

  • Log a deficiency, and you may point that deficiency to a specific asset, rather than the generic "Building".
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