When adding Assets, you may notice that there are too many choices available, or you may be looking for an Asset type that you do not see available.

The choices displayed when adding a new Asset are currently controlled by the Service lines enabled on your account. To edit account-level Service lines, an admin user must go to My Account > My Company > Edit and update relevant Service lines.

In the list below, we show all available Asset types and the required Service line.

Asset Type (required Service line):

30 Gallon Carbon Drum (Industrial Waste Removal)

A/B Switch (Compressed Air Equipment)

A/C Unit (HVAC)

Above Ground Lift (General Industrial Equipment)

Above Ground Lift Group (General Industrial Equipment)

Absorption Chiller (HVAC)

Access Control Device (Security Alarm)

Access Control Device Group (Access Control)

Access Control Door (Access Control)

Access Control Door Group (Access Control)

Access Control Panel (Access Control)

Access Control Panel Group (Access Control)

Access Control Power Supply (Access Control)

Access Control Power Supply Group (Access Control)

Access Control Workstation (Access Control)

Access Control Workstation Group (Access Control)

Access Gate (Access Control)

Access Panel (Kitchen Exhaust Systems)

Actuators (HVAC)

AED/Defibrillator (Medical Equipment)

AED/Defibrillator Group (Medical Equipment)

Aerosol System (Fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems)

Air Cleaner (HVAC)

Air Compressor (HVAC)

Air Compressor Group (HVAC)

Air Cooled Chiller (Cooling)

Air Cooled Chiller Group (Cooling)

Air Curtain (Commercial Heating)

Air Curtain Group (HVAC)

Air Drier (HVAC)

Air Drier Group (HVAC)

Air Dryer (Compressed Air Equipment)

Air Dryer Group (HVAC)

Air Handler Unit (HVAC)

Air Handler Unit Group (HVAC)

Air Purifier (HVAC)

Air Separator (HVAC)

Air Separator Group (HVAC)

Air Turnover Unit (HVAC)

Alarm Battery (Alarm Systems)

Alarm Communication Device (Security Alarm)

Alarm Device (Alarm Systems)

Alarm Device Group (Alarm Systems)

Alarm Notification Appliance (Alarm Systems)

Alarm Notification Device (Alarm Systems)

Alarm System (Alarm Systems)A

Alarm System Group (Alarm Systems)

Alarm System Primary Power Supply (Alarm Systems)

Alarm System Secondary Power Supply (Alarm Systems)

Alarm System Summary (Alarm Systems)
Alarm Valve (Sprinkler)

Alarm Valve Group (Alarm Valve)

Amalgam Separator (Industrial Waste Removal)

Ambulance (Ambulance)

Ammonia Pump (Refrigeration)

Ammonia Sensor (HVAC)

Analyzer (Biomedical Equipment)

Ancillary Alarm Device (Alarm Systems)

Ancillary Alarm System (Alarm Systems)

Ancillary AV Appliance (Alarm Systems)

Antifreeze Group (Antifreeze Loop)

Antifreeze Loop System (Sprinkler)

Area of Refuge System (Area of Rescue Systems)

Audio Video System (Audio and Video)

Audiometer (Biomedical Equipment)

Auto Drain System Drain Valve (Irrigation)

Auto Purger (Refrigeration)

Autoclave (Autoclave)

Autoclave Hinged Door (Autoclave)

Autoclave Sliding Door (Autoclave)

Automation Controller (HVAC)

Auxiliary Drain (Sprinkler)

Auxiliary Equipment (Commercial Heating)

Awning (Pressure Washing)

Backflow (Backflow)

Backflow Group (Backflow)

Bag Filter Unit (HVAC)

Ball Valve (Steam System)

Barn (Farm Facility)

Battery (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Bedding Dispenser (Laboratory Equipment)

Bedding Waste Disposal (Laboratory Equipment)

Bi-Directional Amplifier (Bi-Directional Amplifier)

Bio Scale (Biomedical Equipment)

Biomedical Equipment (Biomedical Equipment)

Blast Chiller (Refrigeration)

Block Heater (Sprinkler)

Blood Pressure Unit (Medical Equipment)

Blow Out System (Irrigation)

Blowdown Separator (Boiler Water System)

Blower (Compressed Air Equipment)

Boar Bot (Farm Equipment)

Boiler (Commercial Hot Water)

Boiler Controls (Boiler Controls)

Boiler Feed System (Boiler Water System)

Boiler Group (Boiler)

Bone Densitometer (Medical Equipment)

Booster Fan (HVAC)

Bottle Filler (Laboratory Equipment)

Box Car Air Handler (HVAC)

Box Car Air Handler Group (HVAC)

Box Car VAV Group (HVAC)

Branch Selector (HVAC)

Breathing Air Compressor (Breathing Air Compressor)

Breathing Air Compressor Group (Breathing Air Compressor)

Breathing Air Cylinder (Breathing Air Systems)

Brewery Equipment (Brewery Equipment)

Building Exterior (Planning)

Building Facade (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)

Building Interior (Planning)

Built-Up Air Handler (HVAC)

Built-Up Air Handler Group (HVAC)

Bulk Head (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Bulk Vessel (Bulk Delivery)

Burner (Burner)

Bus (Farm Machinery)

Butterfly Valve (Steam System)

C-Arm (Medical Equipment)

Cabinet Cooler (HVAC)

Cabinet Heater (HVAC)

Carbon Drum (Industrial Waste Removal)

Cart/Cage Washer (Laboratory Equipment)


CCTV Cameras (CCTV)

CCTV Cameras Group (CCTV)

CCTV Recorders (CCTV)

CCTV Recorders Group (CCTV)



CCTV Workstations (CCTV)

CCTV Workstations Group (CCTV)

Cell Radio (Security Alarm)

Centrifugal Chiller (Commercial Cooling)

Centrifugal Chiller Group (HVAC)

Centrifuge (Laboratory Equipment)

Charger (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Check Valve (Sprinkler)

Check Valve Group (Sprinkler)

Chemical Feed System (Boiler Water System)

Chemical System (Dairy Farming)

Chest Compression System (Biomedical Equipment)

Chill Water Pump (Cooling)

Chill Water Pump Group (Cooling)

Chilled Beam Unit (HVAC)

Chilled Beam Unit Group (HVAC)

Chilled Water Loop (HVAC)

Chiller (Cooling)

Chiller group (HVAC)

Chimney (Chimney)

Chimney Group (Chimney)

Cider Processing Equipment (Cider Processing Equipment)

Circulating Fan (HVAC)

Circulating Fan Group (HVAC)

Clean Agent (Alarm Systems)

Clean Agent Cylinder (Clean Agent Suppression)

Clean Agent Group (Fire Protection)

Clean Agent Suppression (Clean Agent Suppression)

Clean Agent Suppression Group (Clean Agent Suppression)

Clean Air Chamber (HVAC)

Clean Bedding Conveyor System (Laboratory Equipment)

Clean Out (Plumbing)

Clean Out Group (Plumbing)

CNC Additive Machine (CNC Machines)

CNC Boring Machine (CNC Machines)

CNC Gear Cutting Machine (CNC Machine)

CNC Grinding Machine (CNC Machines)

CNC Gun Drill (CNC Machines)

CNC Laser Machine (CNC Machines)

CNC Machining Center (CNC Machines)

CNC Plasma Cutter (CNC Machines)

CNC Router (CNC Machines)

CNC Turning Centers (CNC Machines)

CNC Ultrasonic Machine (CNC Machines)

CO2 (CO2 Delivery)

CO2 Cylinder (CO2 Suppression)

CO2 Suppression (CO2 Suppression)

CO2 System (Alarm Systems)

Coffee Brewer Equipment (Coffee Equipment)

Cold Storage (Refrigeration)

Cold Storage Group (Refrigeration)

Combi Tool (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Commercial Coldside Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)

Commercial Garage Door (Commercial Overhead Door)

Commercial Garage Door Operator (Commercial Door Operator)

Commercial Hotside Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)

Commercial Laundry Equipment (Laundry)

Commercial Property (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)

Commercial Roof (Roofing)

Commercial Truck (Truck Washing)

Compressor (Commercial Controls)

Compressor Filtration (Compressed Air Equipment)

Compressor Group (Commercial Controls)

Computer Room Air Conditioner (Commercial Cooling)

Computer Room Air Conditioner Group (HVAC)

Computer Room Air Handler (Commercial Air Handling)

Condensate Drain (Compressed Air Equipment)

Condensate Pump (HVAC)

Condensate Pump Group (HVAC)

Condensate Return System (Boiler Water System)

Condensate Return System Group (HVAC)

Condenser Water Pump (Cooling)

Condenser Water Pump Group (HVAC)

Condensing Unit (HVAC)

Condensing Unit Group (HVAC)

Control Box (Dairy Farming)

Control Pressure Receiver (Refrigeration)

Control Valve (Sprinkler)

Control Valve Group (Sprinkler)

Controller (Irrigation)

Controls (Commercial Controls)

Controls Group (Commercial Controls)

Convectors (HVAC)

Conventional Grinder (Grinder)

Conventional Lathe (Lathe)

Conventional Mill (Mill)

Cooking Equipment (Kitchen Cooking Equipment)

Cooler (Cooler)

Cooler Group (Cooler)

Cooling Pump (Refrigeration)

Cooling Tower (Commercial Cooling)

Cooling Tower Group (HVAC)

Corrosion Monitoring (Sprinkler)

Cow Brush (Dairy Farming)

CT Scanner (Medical Equipment)

Cutter (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

CXS-Large (CXS-L)

CXS-Pallet (CXS-P)

CXS-Small (CXS-S)

Deaerator (Boiler Water System)

Deck (Pressure Washing)

Dehumidifier (HVAC)

Dehumidifier Group (HVAC)

Deluge Sprinkler System Group (Sprinkler)

Deluge Valve (Sprinkler)

Deluge Valve Group (Fire Protection)

Diathermia Unit (Biomedical Equipment)

Direct Digital Control System (Comfort Controls)

Display Cooler (Refrigeration)

Diverter (Sprinkler)

Domestic Hot Water (Plumbing)

Domestic Hot Water Group (Plumbing)

Door Access Credentials (Security)

Door Opener (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Door Tool (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Draft Beer Equipment (Draft Beer Equipment)

Drain Line (HVAC)

Drain Line Group (HVAC)

Drill (General Industrial Equipment)

Drilling Machine (Drilling Machine)

Drip Irrigation (Irrigation)

Dry Cooler (Commercial Cooling)

Dry Riser (Sprinkler)

Dry Sprinkler (Sprinkler)

Dry Sprinkler Group (Fire Protection)

Dry Sprinkler System Group (Sprinkler)

Dry Valve (Sprinkler)

Dryer Vent (Dryer Vent Maintenance)

Dryer Vent Group (Dryer Vent Maintenance)

Duct Heater (HVAC)

Ductless A/C Unit (HVAC)

Duster (Industrial Waste Removal)

ECG Recorder (Medical Equipment)

Economizer (Boiler Heat Recovery)

Edge Former (Metalworking Equipment)

Electric Aerial (Lift Truck)

Electric Heater (Heating)

Electric Lift (Lift Truck)

Electrical Panel (Electrical Panel)

Electrostatic Precipitator (Electrostatic Precipitator)

Elevator (Elevator)

Emergency Light Equipment Summary (Emergency / Exit Lights)

Emergency/Exit Light (Emergency / Exit Lights)

Emergency/Exit Light Group (Emergency / Exit Lights)

EMS/US (Medical Equipment)

Energy Recovery Unit (HVAC)

Energy Recovery Unit Group (HVAC)

Equipment (OTHER)

Escalator (Escalator)

Espresso Equipment (Espresso Equipment)

Evaporative Condenser (Refrigeration)

Evaporative Cooler (Cooling)

Evaporative Cooler Group (Cooling)Evaporator (Refrigeration)

Evaporator Coil Group (HVAC)

Evaporator Coils (HVAC)

Evaporator Group (Refrigeration)

Exercise Equipment (Fitness)

Exercise Equipment Group (Fitness)

Exhaust Fan (Ventilation)

Exhaust Fan Group (HVAC)

Exhaust Machine (HVAC)

Exhaust Machine Group (HVAC)

Expansion Tank (HVAC)

Explosion Protection Control (Explosion Protection)

Eye Wash Station (Eye Wash Station)

Eye Wash Station Group (Eye Wash Station)

Fan Coils (HVAC)

Fan Coils Group (HVAC)

Fan Group (HVAC)

Fan Powered Box (HVAC)

Feed Pump (Boiler Water System)

Feedwater Tank (Commercial Hot Water)

Fence (Pressure Washing)

Fetal Monitor (Biomedical Equipment)

Filter (HVAC)

Filter Group (HVAC)

Filtration System (Residential Hot Water)

Fire Blanket (Fire Suppression)

Fire Damper (Fire Suppression)

Fire Damper Group (Fire Suppression)

Fire Department Connection (Fire Department Connection)

Fire Door (Fire Door)

Fire Door Group (Fire Door)

Fire Escape (Fire Escape)

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (Portable Extinguishers)

Fire Extinguisher Equipment Summary (Portable Extinguishers)

Fire Extinguisher Group (Portable Extinguishers)

Fire Hose (Fire Hose)

Fire Hose Cabinet (Fire Hose)

Fire Hose Connection (Sprinkler)

Fire Hose Equipment Summary (Fire Hose)

Fire Hose Group (Fire Hose)

Fire Pump (Sprinkler)

Fire Pump Controller (Sprinkler)

Fire Pump Group (Fire Pump)

Fire Pump Motor (Sprinkler)

Fire Suppression (Fire Suppression)

Fire Suppression Alarm Device (Fire Suppression)

Fire Suppression AV Appliance (Fire Suppression)

Fire Suppression Cylinder (Fire Suppression)

Fire Suppression Group (Fire Protection)

Fire Suppression Supervisory Device (Fire Suppression)

Fire Suppression Supplementary Equipment (Fire Suppression)

Fire Truck (Fire Truck)

First Aid Kit (First Aid Kit)

First Aid Kit Group (First Aid Kit)

Fleet (Truck Washing)

Foam System Suppression (Foam System Suppression)

Foam System Suppression Group (Foam System Suppression)

Fountain (Irrigation)

Fountain Soda Equipment (Fountain Soda Equipment)

Frozen Beverage Equipment (Frozen Beverage Equipment)

Fuel Canopy (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)

Fuel Dispenser (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)

Fuel Oil Pump (HVAC)

Fuel Oil Pump Group (HVAC)

Full Body XRay (Full Body XRay)

Fume Hood (HVAC)

Furnace (Heating)

Furnace Group (Heating)

Gas Booster (HVAC)

Gas Cartridge Actuator (Clean Agent Suppression)

Gas Cylinder (Gas Delivery)

Gas Detection Controller (Gas Detection)

Gas Detectors (Alarm Systems)

Gas Detectors group (Alarm Systems)

Gas Sensor (Refrigeration)

Gas Station Fire Suppression (Fire Suppression)

Gate Valve (Steam System)

General Farm Machinery (Farm Machinery)

General Industrial Equipment (General Industrial Equipment)

Generator (Genset)

Generator Block Heater/Thermostat (Genset)

Generator Controller (Genset)

Generator Engine Thermostat (Genset)

Generator Fuel Pump (Genset)

Generator Group (HVAC)

Generator Injector Pump (Genset)

Generator Rad Cap (Genset)

Generator Starter (Genset)

Generator Volt Regulator (Genset)

Generator Water Pump (Genset)

Glassware Oven/Dryer (Laboratory Equipment)

Glassware Washer (Laboratory Equipment)

Glidescope (Biomedical Equipment)

Globe Valve (Steam System)

Glucometer (Biomedical Equipment)

Glycol Feed Pump (HVAC)

Glycol Line Chiller (Refrigeration)

Glycol Pump (Refrigeration)

Glycol Station (Heating)

Grease Containment (Grease Containment)

Grease Trap Group (Grease Trap Clean)

Grease Trap/Interceptor (Grease Trap Clean)

Group Masonry (Fireplace)

Gym Equipment (Fitness)

Gym Equipment Group (Fitness)

Halon System (Fire Protection)

Hazardous Gas Sensor (Commercial Controls)

Heat Detectors (Alarm Systems)

Heat Exchanger (HVAC)

Heat Exchanger Group (HVAC)

Heat Pump (HVAC)

Heat Pump Group (HVAC)

Heat Recovery System (Boiler Heat Recovery)

High Pressure Receiver (Refrigeration)

HOA (HOA Pressure Washing)

Hose (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Hose Bib Valve (Irrigation)

Hose Reel (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Hot Beverage Equipment (Kitchen Cooking Equipment)

Hot Water Pump (Heating)

Hot Water Pump Group (HVAC)

Hot Water System (Coffee Equipment)

Humidifier (HVAC)

Humidifier Group (HVAC)

HVAC Equipment Group (HVAC)


HVAC Motor Group (HVAC)

HVAC Package (HVAC)


HVAC Pump Group (HVAC)


HVAC Unit Group (HVAC)

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Group (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Hydroculator (Biomedical Equipment)

Hydronic & Domestic Boiler Group (HVAC)

IC Aerial (Lift Truck)

IC Lift (Lift Truck)

Ice Dispenser (Ice Machine)

Ice Machine (Ice Machine)

Ice Machine Group (Ice Machine)

Ice Storage Bins (Ice Machine)

In Ground Lift (General Industrial Equipment)

In Ground Lift Group (General Industrial Equipment)

Indoor Package Unit (HVAC)

Industrial Appliance (Industrial Burner)

Industrial Burner (Industrial Burner)

Industrial Control Panel (Industrial Water Services)

Industrial Lift Station (Industrial Water Services)

Industrial Refrigeration System (Commercial Controls)

Industrial Suppression (Industrial/Dry Chemical Suppression)

Industrial Suppression Group (Industrial/Dry Chemical Suppression)

Industrial Water Motor (Industrial Water Services)

Industrial Water Pump (Industrial Water Services)

Industrial Water Valve (Industrial Water Services)

Infrared Heater (HVACR)

Input Device (Alarm Systems)

Inspectors Test Valve (Sprinkler)

Instrument Washer (Medical Equipment)

Integral Access Device (Voice and Data)

Intercom / Paging System (Security Alarm)

Intercooler (Refrigeration)

Intrusion Device (Security Alarm)

Intrusion Panel (Security Alarm)

Irrigation Head (Irrigation)

Irrigation Pump (Irrigation)

Irrigation System Group (Irrigation)

IV Pump (Medical Equipment)

Jack (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Jockey Pump (Sprinkler)

Jockey Pump Controller (Sprinkler)

Jockey Pump Motor (Sprinkler)

Jointer (Woodworking Equipment)

Judo Filter (Plumbing)

Kiln (Metalworking Equipment)

Kitchen Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)

Kitchen Equipment Group (Kitchen Equipment)

Kitchen Exhaust Fan (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)

Kitchen Exhaust Filter (Filter Exchange)

Kitchen Exhaust Filter Group (Filter Exchange)

Kitchen Exhaust Hood (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Group (Kitchen Exhaust Systems)

Kitchen Exhaust System (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)

Kitchen Exhaust System Group (Kitchen Exhaust Systems)

Kitchen Fire Suppression (Kitchen Suppression)

Kitchen Suppression Cylinder (Kitchen Suppression)

Kitchen Suppression Extinguisher (Kitchen Suppression)

Kitchen Suppression Group (Kitchen Suppression)

Lab Equipment, Other (Laboratory Equipment)

Lab Exhaust Air Valve (HVAC)

Lab Exhaust Fan (HVAC)

Lab General Exhaust Valve (HVAC)

Lab Hood Exhaust Valve (HVAC)

Lab Makeup Air Valve (HVAC)

Lab Venturi Valve Upgrade (HVAC)

Landscape Lighting (Irrigation)

Laryngoscope (Biomedical Equipment)

Lathe (General Industrial Equipment)

Laundry Vent (Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning)

Level Sensor (Refrigeration)

Lift (Lift)

Lift Truck Battery (Lift Truck)

Lift Truck Charger (Lift Truck)

Lift Truck Group (Lift Truck)

Lighting (Lighting)

Lighting Controls (Comfort Controls)

Line Filter (Compressed Air Equipment)

Liquid Transfer Unit (Refrigeration)

Liquor Dispensing Equipment (Liquor Dispensing Equipment)

Louver (HVAC)

Main Drain Valve (Sprinkler)

Main Line (Irrigation)

Main Shut-Off Valve (Irrigation)

Make Up Air Unit (HVAC)

Make Up Air Unit Group (HVAC)

Make-up Air Unit (Ventilation)

Make-up Air Unit Group (Ventilation)

Manual Pull Station (Alarm Systems)

Manure Pump (Farm Equipment)

Masonry (Fireplace)

Medical Equipment (Medical Equipment)

Medical Physics (Medical Equipment)

Metal Detection (Metal Detection)

Meter (HVAC)

Milling Machine (Metalworking Equipment)

Mini Split Group (HVAC)

Mini Split Indoor (HVAC)

Mini Split Indoor Group (HVAC)

Mini Split Outdoor (HVAC)

Mini Split Outdoor Group (HVAC)

Mining Suppression Group (Mining Suppression)

Mixing Valve (Plumbing)

Modular Unit (HVAC)

Modular Unit Group (HVAC)

Monitoring Communicator (Alarm Monitoring)

Motor Group (HVAC)

Mower (Farm Machinery)

MRI Machine (Medical Equipment)

Multi Family Residential (Multi Family Home Pressure Washing)

Nebulizer (Biomedical Equipment)

Neutralizing System (Industrial Waste Removal)

Nitrogen Blender (Nitrogen Delivery)

Nitrogen Generator (Nitrogen Delivery)

Noise Attenuator (Steam System)

Nurse Call Equipment (Medical Equipment)

O2 Concentrator (Medical Equipment)

Oil Pot (Refrigeration)

Oil/Water Separator (Compressed Air Equipment)

Olive Oil Processing Equipment (Olive Oil Processing Equipment)

Ophthalmoscope (Biomedical Equipment)

OR Table (Medical Equipment)

Other Processing Equipment (Other Processing Equipment)

Oto/Ophthalmoscope (Medical Equipment)

Otoscope (Biomedical Equipment)

Out Building (Pressure Washing)

Output Device (Alarm Systems)

Package Unit (HVAC)

Package Unit Group (HVAC)

Packaged Gas/AC Unit (HVAC)

Packaged Gas/AC Unit Group (HVAC)

Packaged Heat Pump (HVAC)

Packaged Heat Pump Group (HVAC)

Paint Booth (Paint Booth)

Paint Booth Group (Paint Booth)

Panic Door (Alarm Systems)

Patient Wondering System (Medical Equipment)

Patient/Vital Signs Monitor (Medical Equipment)

Paved Surface (Commercial Building Pressure Washing)

PFT (Biomedical Equipment)

Pilot Receiver (Refrigeration)

Piping (Refrigeration)

Planer (Woodworking Equipment)

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger (Refrigeration)

Plumbing Equipment (Commercial Plumbing)

Plumbing Fixture (Commercial Plumbing Fixtures)

Plumbing Fixture Group (Commercial Plumbing Fixtures)

Plumbing Pressure Reducing Valve (Plumbing)

Plumbing System (Commercial Plumbing)

Plumbing System Group (Commercial Plumbing)

Pneumatic Controls (Steam System)

Pneumatic System (Comfort Controls)

Pneumatic System Group (Comfort Controls)

Pole Light (Pole Light)

Pollution Control Device (Pollution Control)

Pool Heater (Residential Heating)

Portable Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Portable Air Conditioning Group (HVAC)

Portable Fire Extinguisher (Portable Extinguishers)

Portable Reel (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Power Shore (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Power Supply Unit (Explosion Protection)

Power Unit (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Power Washer (Farm Equipment)

Power Wedge (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Pre-Action System Group (Sprinkler)

Pre-Action Valve (Sprinkler)

Pre-Action Valve Group (Fire Protection)

Precast (Fireplace)

Precast Group (Fireplace)

Prefab (Fireplace)

Prefab Group (Fireplace)

Prep Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)

Prep Table (Refrigeration)

Pressure Detector (Explosion Protection)

Pressure Gauge (Steam System)

Pressure Regulator (Steam System)

Pressure Switch (Sprinkler)

Pressure Transmitter (Steam System)

Private Fire Hydrant (Fire Hydrant)

Private Fire Hydrant Group (Fire Hydrant)

Process Water Pump (HVAC)

Programmable Control System (Refrigeration)

Pulling Tip Set (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Pulse Oximeter (Biomedical Equipment)

Pump (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Pump (HVAC)

Pump Group (HVAC)

Pump Package (HVAC)

Quick Coupler Valve (Irrigation)

Quick Opening Device (Sprinkler)

Rack Refrigeration System (Refrigeration)

Rack Refrigeration System Group (Refrigeration)

Radiant Cooling Panel (HVAC)

Radiant Heat System (HVAC)

Radiant Heating Panel (HVAC)

Rain Sensor (Irrigation)

Ram (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Rapid Access Safe (Rapid Access)

Rapid Access Safe Group (Rapid Access)

Reach-In Cooler/Freezer (Refrigeration)

Reach-In Cooler/Freezer Group (Refrigeration)

Recip Compressor (Refrigeration)

Reciprocating Chiller (HVAC)

Reciprocating Chiller Group (HVAC)

Recirculator (HVAC)

Refrigerant Monitor (HVAC)

Refrigerant Pump (Refrigeration)

Refrigerated Truck (Refrigeration)

Refrigeration (Refrigeration)

Refrigeration Group (Refrigeration)

Regulator (Residential Heating)

Release Panel (Fire Suppression)

Relief System (Refrigeration)

Remote Control Valve (Irrigation)

Remote Sump Tank (HVAC)

Residential Door Operator (Residential Door Operator)

Residential Garage Door (Residential Garage Door)

Retrofit/Rebuild (Fireplace)

Retrofit/Rebuild Group (Fireplace)

Return Fan (HVAC)

Rid-O-Rust System (Irrigation)

Right Angle Gear Drive (Sprinkler)

Riser (Sprinkler)

Riser Counts (Sprinkler)

Roll Off Dumpster (Waste Removal)

Roller (Metalworking Equipment)

Rooftop Grease Containment (Grease Containment)

Rooftop Unit (HVAC)

Rooftop Unit Group (HVAC)

Rotary Screw Chiller Group (HVAC)

Router (Woodworking Equipment)

Sander (Woodworking Equipment)

Sanitation Equipment (Kitchen Equipment)

Saw (General Industrial Equipment)

Scale (Medical Equipment)

Screw Chiller (HVAC)

Screw Chiller Group (HVAC)

Screw Compressor (Refrigeration)

Scroll Chiller (HVAC)

Scrubber (HVAC)

Sealing System (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Security System Summary (Security)

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Breathing Apparatus)

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Group (Breathing Apparatus)

Shear (Metalworking Equipment)

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger (Refrigeration)

Silver Recovery (Industrial Waste Removal)

Single Family Residential (Single Family Home Pressure Washing)

Smart Meter (HVAC)

Smoke Control System (Smoke Control)

Smoke Detector (Alarm Systems)

Smoke Detector Group (Alarm Systems)

Smoke Detectors (Alarm Systems)

Sonic Cleaner (Medical Equipment)

Special Event Equipment (Special Event Equipment)

Special Hazard (Alarm Systems)

Special Hazard Group (Fire Protection)

Special Hazards (Special Hazards)

Special Hazards Device (Special Hazards)

Spirit Processing Equipment (Spirit Processing Equipment)

Split Package Group (HVAC)

Split System (HVAC)

Split System Group (HVAC)

Split/Packaged Gas Heat (HVAC)

Split/Packaged Gas Heat Group (HVAC)

Split/Packaged Heat Pump (HVAC)

Split/Packaged Heat Pump Group (HVAC)

Spreader (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Sprinkler (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Alarm Device (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler AV Appliance (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler AV Appliance Group (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Head (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Monitor Nozzle (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Nitrogen Generator (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Pressure Reducing Valve (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Space (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Supervisory Device (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Supervisory Device Group (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Supplementary Equipment (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler Supplementary Equipment Group (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler System Group (Sprinkler)

Sprinkler System Summary (Sprinkler)

Stainless Steel Tank (Stainless Steel Tanks)

Stand Pipe (Stand Pipe)

Stand Pipe Group (Fire Protection)

Standpipe Valve (Stand Pipe)

Steam Boiler (Medical Equipment)

Steam Boiler Group (Boiler)

Steam Humidifier Group (HVAC)

Steam Meter (Steam System)

Steam Pressure Reducing Station (Boiler Steam System)

Steam Pressure Reducing Valve (Boiler Steam System)

Steam Pump (Boiler Steam System)

Steam Separator (Steam System)

Steam Strainer (Steam System)

Steam System Group (Steam System)

Steam Trap (Boiler Steam System)

Steam Trap Group (Boiler Steam System)

Storage Tank (Commercial Hot Water)

Storage Tank Group (Commercial Hot Water)

Stormwater System (Stormwater Management)

Strainer (HVAC)

Sub Panel (Alarm Systems)

Suction Accumulator (Refrigeration)

Suction Unit (Medical Equipment)

Supply Fan (HVAC)

Supply Fan Group (HVAC)

Surge Tank (Boiler Water System)

Surgery Light (Medical Equipment)

Surveillance System (CCTV)

Tamper Switch (Sprinkler)

Tamper Switch Group (Sprinkler)

Telemetry Transmitter (Biomedical Equipment)

Telescopic Ram (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Temperature Sensor (Refrigeration)

Test Header (Sprinkler)

Textile Fire Suppression (Fire Suppression)

Thermal Fluid Heater (Thermal Fluid Heater)

Thermometer (Medical Equipment)

Thermostat (HVAC)

Time Clock (HVAC)

Tire Machinery (General Industrial Equipment)

Tractor (Farm Machinery)

Transfer Switch (Sprinkler)

Trash Pump (Farm Equipment)

Tube Heater (Heating)

Tunnel Washer (Laboratory Equipment)

Ultrasound (Biomedical Equipment)

Umbrellas (Commercial Awning)

Underground Valve (Underground)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

Unit Heater (Commercial Heating)

Unit Heater Group (HVAC)

Unit Ventilator (HVAC)

Vacuum Receiver (HVAC)

Valve (HVAC)

Valve Group (HVAC)

Vapor Degreaser (HVACR)

Variable Air Volume Box (HVAC)

Variable Air Volume Box Group (HVAC)

Variable Air Volume System (HVAC)

Variable Frequency Drive (Comfort Controls)

Variable Frequency Drive Group (HVAC)

Variable Refrigerant Flow (HVAC)

VAV System Group (HVAC)

Vehicle (Vehicle Tracking)

Vehicle Actuator Cartridge (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Dry Chemical System Tank (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Exhaust System (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Expellant Cartridge (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Protracting Actuation Device (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Suppression (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Suppression Group (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle System Control Battery (Vehicle Suppression)

Vehicle Wet Chemical System Tank (Vehicle Suppression)

Vending Machine (Vending)

Vent Pipe (Ventilation)

Vent Pipe Group (Ventilation)

Ventilation Make Up Air Unit (Ventilation)

Ventilation Make Up Air Unit Group (Ventilation)

Ventilation System (Ventilation)

Ventilation System Group (Ventilation)

Ventilator (Biomedical Equipment)

VESDA System (VESDA Detection)

VESDA System Group (Fire Protection)

Vessel (Refrigeration)

Video Surveillance Device (Security Alarm)

VRF Branch Box (HVAC)

VRF Branch Box Group (HVAC)

VRF Cassette (HVAC)

VRF Cassette Group (HVAC)

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer (Refrigeration)

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Door (Refrigeration)

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Group (Refrigeration)

Wall Unit (HVAC)

Wall Unit Group (HVAC)

Warmer (Biomedical Equipment)

Water Dispenser (Water Filtration)

Water Filtration System (Water Filtration)

Water Flow Switch (Sprinkler)

Water Flow Switch Group (Sprinkler)

Water Fountain (Refrigeration)

Water Heater (Residential Hot Water)

Water Heater Group (Residential Hot Water)

Water Meter (Irrigation)

Water Mist Gas Cylinder (Water Mist Suppression)

Water Mist System (Water Mist Suppression)

Water Pump (Residential Hot Water)

Water Pump Group (Boiler)

Water Softener (Boiler Water System)

Water Source Heat Pump (HVAC)

Water Source Heat Pump Group (HVAC)

Water Source Perimeter Heat Pump (HVAC)

Water Tank (Sprinkler)

Water Tank Group (Sprinkler)

Water Tank Level Control (HVAC)

Water Treatment System (Boiler Water System)

Wedge (Hydraulic Rescue Tool)

Welder (Metalworking Equipment)

Wet Sprinkler (Sprinkler)

Wet Sprinkler Group (Fire Protection)

Wet Sprinkler System Group (Sprinkler)

Wheeled Trash Can (Trash Can Cleaning)

Wind Turbine Elevator (Wind Turbine)

Window Unit (HVAC)

Window Unit Group (HVAC)

Winery Equipment (Winery Equipment)

Wiring (Wiring)

WM Stormwater System (Stormwater Management)

X-Ray (Medical Equipment)

Y-Strainer (Plumbing)


Is there a way to change the Asset type once an asset has already been created?

  • Because each Asset type is totally custom (though they may have some number of similar fields, such as serial, make, model, etc), it is not possible to "convert" Assets from one type to another.

Can I just enable/disable Asset types one-by-one instead of by service line?

  • Not at this time.

I want there to be different/more/fewer fields on a given Asset type.

  • We may be able to help. Email support@servicetrade.com with as much detail as you can about what you wish to add, and what kind of field it should be (text, number, date, etc).

  • Assets types are currently global (all users can use them). With this in mind, we almost certainly will not be able to remove an existing field at your request.

I don't see the Asset type I want.

You may propose a new asset type to support@servicetrade.com. We might be able to create a new one, subject to management approval. There are several factors that must be considered, including the fact that your proposed Asset type will be visible to all ServiceTrade users.

Asset proposals should include the following information:

  • Desired asset name and relevant service line.

  • What each field should be named and what kind of field it should be.

  • Whenever the possible choices are limited, use a "drop-down list" as the field type, and tell us what options should be on the list.

  • The last step is to propose an Asset instance name. This is the name of the Asset that will show up in lists, such as when picking an Asset for a Service or Deficiency.

  • Keep in mind instance names may be displayed on small devices, such as iPhone 5. If the name is too long, it may look odd, or not fit on the screen.

  • Instance names should almost always start with "location_in_site".

  • Pick 1-3 other fields that help to identify or confirm the Asset within a list. %location_in_site% %model& %serial% is a good example.

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