When sharing information about jobs with your customers, your business may have use cases where some or all of the job items that you used in the delivery of service should not be publicly visible.

It's already possible to toggle off the visibility of individual job items when your technicians use the tablet application:

...or when your office staff are preparing to send a Service Link:

However, until now, the default visibility for newly created job items was always "public" -- that is, all job items that you create or add to a job will be customer-visible until you choose for them to be visible only to your internal users.

With today's release, it's now possible to choose a default visibility for all newly created job items.  This setting will affect all job items created going forward from the point when the setting is changed.  To change the existing behavior of all newly created job items being public, an account administrator can go to the Account Settings page and open the Default Visibility section:

In the Job Items row, choose "Only Your Company", then click Save, to make all newly created job items not visible to customers by default.

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