When contacting support, a few extra moments of preparation on your part can often result in a far better experience for you, less back-and-forth between you and the agent, and a much faster resolution time.  This article will help you to submit technical support tickets or in-app chat questions more effectively.

1. Check the Help Center first.  

  • The live search for answers is awesome.
  • It is our goal to get every possible question answered here (a continuous work in progress).  We want you to have great instructions, references and 24/7 access to answers.
  • We will often steer you to the Help Center if there is already an FAQ for what you are asking, or a video explaining this.  We want to empower you!

2. Use the right support channel.  

  • If you have tons of attachments or a lot to write, use email.  
  • If you need to cc anyone or involve others in the conversation, use email.
  • If it is truly a quick question, use chat.  
  • Is your work or business being stopped due to this? Call us.  
  • We do seek to keep the Help Center phone line free for business-stopping emergencies (P0 and P1). If you are seeking training, longer Q&A, or have a conference room full of people who'd like to speak with support, please consider asking us to set up a dedicated time for you and a dedicated conference line/environment on our end.

3. Use only one support channel.

  • It is not necessary to cc other ServiceTrade staff on emails to support@servicetrade.com  We all work from that common email address (ticketing system).
  • Using multiple channels (calling + emailing, emailing + in-app messenger, involving non-support staff, etc) generates confusion and can increase the amount of time it takes to solve your question or problem.

4. Effectively communicate the problem or question.  To help us understand and thus solve a problem as quickly as possible, consider using the following general format when writing in:

  • Steps to reproduce:  How do you make this happen?  What specific steps can I do to reliably make this happen?  "See Job #127993786" gets us there a million times faster than "one of my jobs".  Does it happen on just your device?  Have you tried another device?  Do other users have the same problem? Etc.
  • Expected behavior:  What do you expect to happen?  Have you ever seen what you expect to happen before, or in another case?  If something changed, when?
  • Actual behavior: What the app is doing that you suspect is wrong or a bug. 

5. Gather and include supporting information.

  • Screenshots are worth 1000 words.  "How to capture screenshots" article is here.
  • If you are having trouble sharing with / uploading to ServiceTrade, please add them to the ticket.
  • If you get an error code, send the exact error code over, or a screenshot of it.
  • If on iOS / Apple mobile device, please send a debug log from the preferences.

6. Report things ASAP.

  • We have detailed visibility into our backend and various server logs, but there is a limit to how far back we can see.
  • For best results, and to maximize our ability to hep you, please report problems within 24 hours.  Certain kinds of logs and insights into possible problems with ServiceTrade may be unavailable to us after 72 hours.
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