More Invoicing Flexibility and Multiple Invoices for Jobs

You may have situations where you would like to create multiple invoices for a single job:  for instance, if a multi-day job crosses accounting periods, or if you need to bill your customer up-front for some portion of the total job cost.

To support this need, ServiceTrade's job invoicing process is now more flexible and powerful in several ways:

  1. You can now create as many invoices as you wish for a single job.  Previously, you could only create a single invoice per job under most circumstances.
  2. You can now create invoices at any point in the job's lifecycle.  Previously, you could only create invoices after job completion.  
  3. You can choose which job items to use in the creation of a particular invoice. Previously, all job items were used to create the invoice; if you wanted to include some but not all of a job's items on an invoice, you had to create the invoice with all the job items and then manually delete each unwanted item from the invoice.
  4. For progress/incremental billing scenarios, you can now distinguish between partial and final invoices.

As before, to create an invoice for a job, simply click the 'Create Invoice' button on the job page.  Then select the particular job items that you want to use when creating your invoice, using the checkbox to the left of each job item.  By default, all job items are selected, but by unchecking any checkbox you can indicate that you do not wish to use that job item when creating this invoice:

IMPORTANT: As before, if you delete an item from the 'Create Invoice' screen, you are deleting the job item from the job itself.  To indicate that you do not wish to use a job item on a given invoice but you DO want to keep that job item on the job (perhaps to be used on a future invoice), uncheck it instead of deleting it.

By default, all invoices in ServiceTrade are final invoices, but you may have situations that require progress or incremental billings, and you may want to indicate that those incremental invoices are partial.  To do this, edit the invoice and change the Final Invoice setting from "Yes" to "No":

IMPORTANT:  Only final invoices are used by ServiceTrade when determining whether a job has been invoiced on the ServiceTrade dashboard, job list, etc.  A completed job that has only partial invoices will still appear on the ServiceTrade dashboard in the "Completed Jobs to be Invoiced" list, and that job will NOT appear when you search the job list for jobs in "Invoiced" status.

Please see this article on creating and managing invoices for more information about invoicing in ServiceTrade.

When sharing a Service Link for your customer, you may wish to show them not only the open deficiencies that still require their attention, but also the deficiencies that you discovered AND fixed during the course of this job, so you can give your customer a fuller view of the value that you provided to them.

To support this need, the Service Link "Alerts" section now includes both open and fixed deficiencies:

Both sets of deficiencies will be visible (or not) to your customer based on your account's default visibility settings, though you can override this on a deficiency-by-deficiency basis via Work Acknowledgement and Service Link.

Note that only deficiencies reported AND fixed on this job will be displayed in the Alerts section.

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