We are constantly improving ServiceTrade with web app releases every two weeks!
In fact, about 50% of our developers' time is spent on feature requests that come from the field.  We want to hear from you!  

These tips cover best practices to follow when creating a feature request:

  • Email is the best format for this. Send your thoughts to support@servicetrade.com.

  • Have a title that includes a very short description of the request.

  • Include details of what the proposed feature is or specifically does.

  • Argue for why the feature is needed.

What happens after I submit a feature request?

  • ServiceTrade Support reviews all feature requests with our Product Team on a weekly basis.

  • Almost all feature requests are written into our product roadmap.

  • We generally prioritize features based on the radius of impact (would it delight many users, or just a few?).

  • The potential radius of impact is estimated and continually recalculated based on how many other people and teams have made the same or similar request.

  • After reviewing the request, we may 1) have additional questions, 2) write it into our product roadmap and notify you, 3) notify you of why we are not writing it into the roadmap (at least not as written) (this is rare).  

  • We will mark the support ticket as "solved" after processing your feature request. This does not mean that the request has been developed and released.  It only means that ServiceTrade Support is done processing it, and it has (usually) moved into the product roadmap for developers to work on in the future.

  • Due to ever-changing development demands, we usually will not have an exact ETA for feature requests.

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