More Contract Capabilities

ServiceTrade uses contracts to determine the prices to apply to a job's items so that the resulting invoice correctly reflects the agreed-upon prices negotiated between you and your customer.  Previously, you selected the contract that applied to each job in ServiceTrade near the end of the job's lifecycle, when the job's invoice was created.  However, there may be scenarios where the contract that applies to each job should be designated well in advance of the invoice being created.

To support this need, it is now possible to choose a job's contract at any point in the job's lifecycle.  To choose the job's contract, click on the Manage Job link in the upper right corner of the job page:

Then select the contract that should apply to this job from the list of available contracts:

The list of contracts available for a given job is contextual:  only contracts that apply to this customer, job type, region, etc. (More details about organizing your contracts are available in this support section.)  The contract that you select in the Manage Job screen will be remembered, and used by default, when invoices are created for this job later (both on the office job page and in the technician tablet application).  However, that choice can be overridden later, during the invoicing process, if needed.

By default, all newly created jobs have no contract assigned to them, with one exception:  quoted jobs.  Quoted jobs always have the quoted prices set as their de facto contract.

Asset History

It's now possible to see an audit history of some changes to assets.  When users create new assets, or deactivate/reactivate those assets, those changes are now recorded in the asset's History section.

Quote Preferred Techs

It is now possible to use the Preferred Techs feature to auto-assign technicians to jobs that result from quoted work.  When you create services on a quote, simply select the technicians you want to assign in the Preferred Techs section:

When a job is created from this quote, the selected technician(s) will be automatically assigned to that job's appointment.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of the initial load of the job view page.
  • Improved performance of creating new locations in accounts which have many service lines.
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