Here's the webinar recording from Wednesday, May 17th. You can see all the questions and our answers below the video. Some of the questions that were answered in-depth during the webinar are not written out below, so you need to watch the video AND read the Q&A to be a true ServiceTrade know-it-all.



Q: Can you assign a quote to more than one person?

A: More than one tech can be assigned to quoted services by setting the “preferred tech” field on each service. This means that more than one tech can be assigned to the resulting job. However, quotes themselves can only be directly assigned to one user at a time.

Q: I noticed the other day that when someone in the office approves a quote we do not get an email notification as we would if the customer approved the quote. Is there a way that we can get an email verification each time an quote is approved...even if it is done in house?

A: This notification only notifies users when a customer approves a quote so that users can be made aware of the change that could otherwise go unnoticed. When office users mark a quote as approved, someone in the office is aware of that change and should notify anyone else that needs to know.

Terms & Conditions and Contracts

Q: What is the difference between pricing contract and job contract?

A: There is no such thing as a “job contract.” With this latest release, we’ve just given you the ability to select which pricing contract you would like to apply to each job.

Q: If we've already set up a contract for a specific location, will that be automatically selected or will we need to still select the contract at the quote or job level?

A: Jobs will default to the contract based on the rules setup in your account. This new feature enables you to change that default.

Q: What about T&Cs on location or customer level that carries through to the quote/invoice?

A: That’s a great idea. We will take that into consideration for a future update.


Q: Can you create a job straight from an open deficiency?

A: No, but that is a feature we expect to add soon.

Q: How can you delete old deficiency?

A: Deficiencies can be marked “invalid” from the web application.


Q: Is there a way to pop the Google map of a location out of ServiceTrade and onto an internet browser?

A: No, but this is a great idea! We will take this into consideration for a future update.

Q: Will Android app ever get the send note en route feature?

A: Yes. Our development roadmap includes this feature on the Android app.

Q: Can you put a preferred tech on service template and have it auto-assign from there when a job is created?

A: Yes. This support article explains how to accomplish this.

Q: Where does the TomTom turn on from the device or something separate?

A: TomTom is a telematics solution that typically uses GPS units installed on vehicles. Learn about their services at

Q: Is there info on the Help page about how to create a blank paperwork template? 

A: Yes. This support article explains, in detail, how to set up blank paperwork.

Q: Can we earn CEUs? 

A: ServiceTrade Certification does not count toward any professional CEUs.

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