Technicians using the ServiceTrade tablet web application now have two new capabilities:  copying assets and scheduling appointments.

Scheduling Appointments in the Tablet Application

Technicians that have been granted permission to schedule appointments now have the ability to schedule appointments that have been assigned to them, using the tablet web application.  This capability extends both to unscheduled appointments, and to previously scheduled appointments whose dates/times need to be changed.

To schedule an appointment, simply press on the blue chevron to the right of the scheduled date/time in the upper right corner of the appointment view:

Then select the date, time, and duration for the appointment:

Only technicians with permission to schedule appointments are allowed to use this feature.  

The easiest way to enable this capability is to add the "Account Tech + Self-Scheduling" to any tech for whom you wish to be able to add their own appointments.

For those who program custom roles, the technician must be granted 'Admin Jobs' or 'Manage Jobs' permissions, OR they must be granted the 'Schedule My Jobs' permission AND be assigned to the job whose appointment they want to schedule.

Copying Assets

You may encounter situations where technicians need to be able to easily create a copy of an existing asset in the tablet application; for instance, if they are installing several new assets which are very similar. 

To make a copy of an existing asset, simply view it in the tablet application, then press the Copy button in the upper right corner of the page:

Larger Estimated Durations

ServiceTrade's estimated durations are primarily used to provide you with a quick way of determining the relative size of a service (or a collection of services on a job) compared to other services (or jobs) -- for instance, to determine which jobs are probably going to be whole-day engagements versus which will be 30 minute drop-ins.  However, some users may find that recording larger service durations -- potentially multiple days or even weeks -- may be useful, particularly in cases where large scopes of work are being quoted or scheduled.

To support this need, is is now possible to record estimated durations of up to 200 hours when creating or editing services in ServiceTrade.

IMPORTANT:  There is still a 24 hour limit on the length of any individual appointment in ServiceTrade.  When scheduling a job (or creating a job via Service Opportunities), if the sum of the services' estimated durations is greater than 24 hours, the appointment's length will be capped at 24 hours.

Intacct Location Dimension Maps to Job Office

Using ServiceTrade's Intacct integration, it's now possible to use the Location dimension to map to the office associated with the job for each invoice that is sent to Intacct.  There are now two new options in the Location dimension setting:  "ServiceTrade job owner's office", which maps the invoice's Location dimension to the location in Intacct which corresponds to the ServiceTrade job owner's office, and "Technician on last ServiceTrade appointment's office", which maps the invoice's Location dimension to the location in Intacct which corresponds to the office of the technician assigned to the last (latest scheduled date) appointment on the job.  (If that appointment is assigned to multiple technicians, one technician will be arbitrarily selected.)

To use either of these two settings, you must set the external ID on each office in ServiceTrade to match a location in Intacct.  For more information about ServiceTrade's Intacct integration, please see this section of our support center.

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