Tags are a useful way to group information in ways that might be useful to you.  Please note that the ability to add or edit tags is driven by permissions.  If you only have the "View Tags" activity in the Roles assigned to you, you will not be able to change tags.  If you have "Edit Tags" you can add or remove tags, but may only choose from the existing tags already in your account.  If you have "Manage Tags" you can create new tags by simply adding them to any taggable entity (Company, Location, Quote, etc.) in your account, and then that tag will be selectable as an existing tag for all other users in your account.  Only Account Admin users may access the dedicated Tag Management tool.

In this brief video, we cover using tags:


What can be tagged?

  • Customers

  • Locations

  • Jobs

  • Assets

  • Quotes

  • Deficiencies

  • Invoices

How can I automatically tag certain jobs, etc?

  • Location and quote tags are special, and will "cascade" down to new jobs for that location or quote, appearing on the job as well. 

  • No other kind of tag behaves in the above way at this time.

I can't find anything when searching for a tag.

  • Universal search (the top bar) does not support tags.

  • To search for a tag, first go to a list, such as invoices or locations, then search by tag there.

Am I able to search for more than one tag at a time?

  • Yes.  Begin by searching for the first tag, and selecting it from the autocomplete menu. Then type a comma, and begin typing your second tag, and so on. Separate each tag with a comma.

  • The autocomplete will only work for the first tag, but the search will still work.

Where can I learn more about external IDs, and whether or not I should use them or a tag?

How can I view / manage all tags in my account?

  • Go to My Account -> Tags to view the Tag Management Tool.

  • You may view all tags used in your account on this page as well as all entities that contain that tag.

  • You may also rename, merge, and delete tags from this page. 

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