Service Editing and Deficiencies in Tablet

Two commonly requested features in ServiceTrade's technician tablet web application are increased access to deficiency information, and the ability for technicians to add and edit services on the jobs to which they are assigned.  Both features are included in this ServiceTrade release.

Deficiencies on Appointment and Work Pre-Authorization Screens

Deficiencies are now displayed in two additional places in the tablet:  on the appointment screen, and on the pre-work authorization screen.  As with work acknowledgement, technicians may choose whether to show each deficiency to the customer before presenting them with the authorization for approval.

Adding and Editing Services

Appropriately permissioned technicians can now add and edit the services on appointments that are assigned to them.

To view and edit details about any services, click the details chevron to the right of the service description:

On the service details page, click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen to edit the service:

Edit the asset, service line, description, and other details of the service and click Save to save the changes:

To create a new service, click the blue 'Add service' button at the bottom of the list of services for this appointment:

The ability to add and edit services is ONLY given to technicians who have already been granted the 'Manage Jobs' or 'Admin Jobs' activities, or are granted the new 'Modify Services On My Jobs' activity.

To grant that new activity to your technicians, either grant them the new 'Account Tech + Service Editing' role, or add the 'Modify Services On My Jobs' activity to a custom role that you have already granted to your technicians.

Profitability and Estimated vs Actual Job Revenue Analysis

This release includes several new features that make it easier to review and analyze your job profitability and estimated versus actual revenue.

Compare Estimated to Actual Revenue on Job

The job screen now displays both estimated revenue (from the job's services) and actual revenue (from the job's invoices) so you can easily see if you have hit or missed your estimated revenue target.

Job and Invoice Exports include Cost, Estimated Revenue, and Actual Revenue

This release includes several improvements to the job and invoice exports:

New columns on job export:

  • Job contract
  • Cost total
  • Invoice total
  • Technician external IDs (on 'Jobs with Clock Events' export)

New columns on invoice export:

  • Invoice contract
  • Job estimated price

You can now use either the job or invoice exports to analyze estimated revenue, actual revenue, and costs for large sets of service data.

Contract Start Dates

Contracts in ServiceTrade can now have start dates as well as end dates. By default, newly created contracts will start on the day that you create them, though you can specify a different date (or simply remove it).

Location (Building) Asset is More Prominent

Each customer location in ServiceTrade has a single, generic 'building' asset that is meant to be used as a 'last resort' asset:  if you have a deficiency or service that needs to be bound to an asset but you don't know (or don't have enough information to choose) the correct asset, the building asset can be used.  However, previously the building asset was difficult to access in searches and exports.  

This is no longer true -- the building asset is now visible in the asset list on each location, and can be searched for on the Asset list by selecting 'Include Building Assets'  when performing asset searches:

Coming Soon: View Tags in Tablet

Coming in early July, technicians will be able to view job tags in the tablet application.  This will allow you to communicate more information with techs about customer payment status and other important information about the job.  HOWEVER:  If you do not wish for your technicians to view tags, you should create a custom technician role that has NOT been granted the 'View Tags' activity, or remove the 'View Tags' activity from your existing custom technician roles.

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