Use Service Templates in Tablet

Recently, ServiceTrade introduced the ability for field technicians to add and edit services in the tablet web application.  This feature has now been expanded to include access to service templates.  With today's release, when a new service is added via the tablet, you can simply choose to use an existing service template instead of creating the entire service by hand.

NOTE:  Service templates for recurring services will create ONLY a single instance of the service, not a recurring service.  To create a new recurring service at a location, go to the location page in the office web application and choose 'Create a New Service'.

For more information about how to create and use service templates, please review this support article

Export Jobs with Appointments

There are some cases, such as analysis of appointment-level service delivery data, where it is useful to be able to review appointment data in bulk.  To support this need, it's now possible to include appointment-level detail when exporting a list of jobs.

To export jobs with appointment data, choose "Jobs and Appointments" from the export menu on the job list page.

The export will include one row for each appointment.

Tag Management

It's now possible to manage your account's tags.  You can now delete tags, rename tags, and merge two tags together.

To manage your tags, click 'Tags' under the 'My Account' menu in the menu bar at the top of most ServiceTrade pages. 

This feature is available only to users with full account admin permissions.

Cancel Open Jobs when Deactivating a Location

When deactivating a customer location in ServiceTrade, it is often desirable to cancel all that location's open jobs.  There is now a dedicated button to deactivate locations in ServiceTrade...

...and when that button is clicked, you can choose whether to cancel that location's open jobs or to leave them open for completion:

In a future ServiceTrade release, the option to cancel all jobs and deactivate all locations belonging to a company when deactivating that company will also be supported.

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