Here's the webinar recording from Thursday, August 10th. You can see all the questions and our answers below the video. Some of the questions that were answered in-depth during the webinar are not written out below, so you need to watch the video AND read the Q&A to be a true ServiceTrade know-it-all.


Q: Are markup rules applied to all customers or are they customer specific?

A: It depends on how your customer contracts are set up. They can be setup to apply to all customers, or they can be applied to specific groups of customers, individual customers, or locations. 

Q: If you use the contract markup rule and you enter an ad-hoc part on a quote, do you have the ability to override the markup price on an individual basis?

A: Yes. Contract pricing can be overridden on an invoice or quote. ServiceTrade displays a warning if a price varies from the contracted price.

Q: In the demand forecast report, is estimated duration sum based on the clock in/out data?

A: No, it’s based on the estimated duration field found on services.

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