Configuring Your Email Settings for ServiceTrade Email Notifications

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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This article provides recommendations for checking spam/junk email folders and allowlisting ServiceTrade and our related products' email domains so that you can ensure that you and your customers are receiving all email notifications from ServiceTrade products.

If your customers are not receiving these notifications, they will need to follow the instructions in this article. We recommend you send them this article to troubleshoot.


Spam/Junk Email Filters

If you do not appear to be receiving ServiceTrade or our related products' email notifications, we recommend that you first check your spam or junk mail settings in your inbox to ensure that your email provider's spam/junk filters are not catching ServiceTrade emails.

Below are links to some resources from the most popular email platforms on how to check your specific services spam/junk folders. Note: We do not support Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.


Allowlisting ServiceTrade Email Domains

The following is a list of ServiceTrade and our related products' email domains that will need to be allowlisted by your IT administrator if your company uses strict email filtering rules for incoming emails.

  • (for ServiceForms users)



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