Using Team Jobs in InspectionManager

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Derek Torres
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Important Note: ServiceForms has been replaced by ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, click here.

Important Note: The features discussed in this article are part of InspectionManager's new subscription plan -- Pro. If you're currently using our legacy ServiceForms plan, please be aware that these new features are not included in your existing subscription. To take advantage of these enhancements, consider upgrading to one of our new plans. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

Using Team Jobs in InspectionManager

This article covers how to use the Team Jobs feature in InspectionManager.

Team Jobs in InspectionManager allow you to have multiple technicians fill out different parts of the same form on a job, then combine the answers into one consolidated report for the customer (this is called "merging submissions").  This enables you to easily perform large-scale inspection and maintenance jobs.

When you use Team Jobs, you should keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Unlike regular jobs, PDF reports are not automatically created when the technician submits the form through the Service Forms mobile application.  An office user must select and combine the submissions from each tech on a Team Job; doing so will generate the PDF report.
  • Likewise, ServiceTrade data actions such as deficiency creation, asset updates, etc will not occur for a Team Job when the tech submits the form.  All ServiceTrade updates will occur when the final PDF report is generated.
  • Because each technician is completing only a portion of the overall form, you should use required fields sparingly on forms that you intend to use on Team Jobs.  Each technician will be required to answer every required field on the form that they are completing, even ones in sections of the form that they are not completing.


Enabling Team Jobs

To use Team Jobs in InspectionManager, you must enable the Team Jobs feature.

IMPORTANT:  Only newly created forms, created after Team Jobs are enabled in your account, can be used on Team Jobs. For assistance in configuring an existing form (created before Team Jobs were enabled in your account), contact ServiceTrade support.

  1. Log into the InspectionManager management web application.
  2. Go to the Settings menu, then scroll to the General section. The following Team Jobs options are available:
    • Never use Team Jobs. This selection disables Team Jobs.  PDF reports will be generated immediately after each technician submits the form for every job.
    • Multiple technicians on job.  This selection enables Team Jobs.  Every job which has multiple technicians (regardless of whether that job has one or multiple appointments) will automatically be treated as a Team Job.  Jobs that have only one technician will be treated as regular jobs (PDF report generated immediately upon submission). 
  3. Select the desired Team Jobs setting option and click Save Settings.


IMPORTANT:  Only fully licensed, active technicians are considered when determining how many technicians are on a given appointment.  Inactive technicians are ignored, as are helper technicians. For instance, if an appointment has one technician and two helpers, that appointment would be treated as a regular job, but an appointment with two technicians and one helper would be treated as a Team Job.

IMPORTANT:  Once Team Jobs are enabled, all jobs in ServiceTrade matching your Team Jobs setting selection will be treated as Team Jobs, and PDF reports will not be generated automatically.


Using Team Jobs in the Field

The technicians' workflow for Team Jobs is very similar to regular jobs.  Just like with a regular job, each technician will simply do the following:

  1. Clock-in onsite to the day's appointment at the job. 
  2. They will then be dispatched the form(s) that they need to complete for that job. 
  3. They will complete those forms, using the InspectionManager mobile application, just as they would a form for a normal job.

All forms dispatched for Team Jobs will have names that begin with the words 'Team Job.'

(Example: 'Team Job - Bob's House of Pancakes - Inspection Job #12345678'). 


IMPORTANT: Because PDF reports are not generated automatically for Team Jobs, technicians should not expect to see the PDF report appear on the job in the ServiceTrade mobile application while they are still onsite.


Merging Form Submissions for Team Jobs in the Office

Once all forms have been submitted by all technicians for a Team Job, an office user will need to merge them into one final form submission.  That submission will be used to create the report PDF and data updates in ServiceTrade (asset updates, deficiency adds, etc).

  1. Log into the InspectionManager management web application.
  2. Click on the Team Jobs option in the menu. (Note:  this option will only be available if Team Jobs have been enabled -- see Enabling Team Jobs above.)
    ServiceFormz-TeamJobs_button (1).png
  3. Select the form whose submissions you wish to merge.  If the technicians submitted multiple forms, you will need to merge each form's submissions separately.

  4. Select the date range in which the submissions occurred to see all submissions for that form during the specified time range.  If you know it, you can also provide the job number to further limit the results.

  5. Check one or more of the form submissions that you want to merge.  All selected submissions must have the same job number and form version.
  6. Click Merge Submissions and Generate Report.  This will combine the selected submissions and generate a single, combined PDF report containing the answers from all the selected submissions.  ServiceTrade asset updates, deficiency creations, etc will also occur at this time.

IMPORTANT:  PDF report generation may take several minutes.  The resulting PDF will be attached to the job in ServiceTrade.



What if I accidentally assigned multiple technicians to an appointment, causing it to be treated as a Team Job even though I only intended for a single technician to perform it?

Follow the steps in Merging Form Submissions for Team Jobs above.  Select the single form submission from the tech that performed it, then choose Merge Submissions and Generate Report.


When is a job determined to be a Team Job?  Must I assign multiple technicians when I'm initially creating the appointment? 

Jobs are determined to be Team Jobs (or not) when a technician clocks in onsite, which will cause the form(s) that they must complete to be dispatched to them in the InspectionManager application. If the job that they clocked into has multiple technicians assigned, it will be treated as a Team Job; otherwise, it will be treated as a regular job.

What happens if a job has several appointments, some of which have multiple technicians and others don't? 

A job is treated as a Team Job if it has multiple technicians assigned to it across all of its appointments (except for canceled appointments, which are ignored).  For example, a job composed of two appointments, each of which was assigned to one tech, would be treated as a Team Job.


Will forms be designated as Team Job forms for a single job only, so if next year the same inspection is performed by a single tech, it will not be treated as a Team Job?

Each job is individually determined to be a Team Job (or not) based on how many techs are assigned to it. Whether a form was completed via a Team Job in a prior year does not affect future submissions of that form.


What if more than 1 technician answers the same inspection question?  Whose answer will be on the report?

When several technicians answer the same question, the answer on the most recent submission (the submission with the latest submission date) entered will accepted as the final answer and will be on the report.

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