Updated Job Page and Job Name Field (March 1, 2023)

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Derek Torres
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With this release, elements at the top of the job page are reorganized and a new Job Name is added that will make it faster and easier to identify a job at a glance. These changes can be seen by users of the desktop application. None of these job page changes are visible to technicians in the mobile application.

This year, ServiceTrade will improve the existing interface, like these changes to the job page, and introduce an all new interface later in 2023 that will make it easier for you to see vital information about a service or project, take action, and view related pages or attachments. Here’s what’s new today.


A New Look For The Job Page

The top of the Job Page has a new look to it!

  • You are now able to give your Job a Name
  • The Manage Job and Due By icons have a new look.
  • The Job Details has a new look and is located in the Details Tab.


The Details Tab

The Details Tab allows you to view basic Job Details in a new design and arrangement for the following information: Job Owner, Job Location, Company, Job Contact, Job Salesperson, Customer PO, Office, and Job Description.

Many of our customers use long Job Descriptions that take up a lot of real estate on job pages. Job Description is now partially hidden under a text fade. This allows you to quickly preview and expand the Job's Description.

To expand the Job Description, simply click Read More.


Name Field for Job Names

There is a new Job Name field where you can give your job a custom name. This name can be anything including a custom job number. However, we highly recommend you use External IDs for custom Job Numbers if you are trying to integrate this another system.

If you want to give your Job a custom name, follow the instructions below:

  1. On a Job Page, click on Manage Job.
  2. Enter a Job Name.
  3. Click Save when done.

The new Job Name will appear at the top left of the Job Page.


By default, the field will auto-populate with the following information:
"{Job Type} Job #{Job Number}"

In the example below the Job Type is a Service Call and the Job Number is 27094208.

A Job must have a Job Name. If you attempt to save a Job with the Job Name field left blank it will auto-populate the information above when you save the name.

Note: At this time, the Job Name is not visible in the Mobile App.

New Search Fields on the Job List Page

There are two new search fields, "Job Name" and "Job Mode", that have been added to the Job List page.


Job Name allows you to search for a Job based on its custom Job Name.

When you enter a search in this field it will only return matches with Jobs that have a custom Job Name. If you have not given your job a custom name, you will need to search using the Job Number.

Job Mode allows you to narrow your search based on the job vs project selector.
Note: This update is only relevant for users who are a part of the Project Management Early Adopter Program. If you are not in the early adopter program you can ignore this field.


New Job List View

Anywhere that Jobs are listed has a new format. The information is organized in cleaner columns and has a slightly different layout. The gif below shows the new layout, and what has changed:



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