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The Company Settings / Company Preferences section can be accessed via the BirdDog Dashboard. It is the last item on the list in the blue left-hand vertical menu. This section allows BirdDog system administrators to perform basic system administration functions including:
• General Settings
• Password Protocols
• Inspection Form Management


How to Access Company Preferences

Step 1: To access this section, LEFT CLICK on the Company Preferences button in the lefthand vertical Navigation bar.



Step 2: After LEFT CLICKING on the Company Preferences button, a screen will appear with 4 main tabs: General, Passwords, Form Management & Manage by Exception.



Company Preferences - General Tab 

The General tab in the Company Preference section allows BirdDog users to set a series of basic preferences related to login protocols, number of search results, and more.


How To Set General Preferences In BirdDog Inspection Software



Step 1: Type in the parameters you want to set in each field. Field details as follows:

• Login Timeout: This sets the time limit for how long BirdDog Inspection Software will remain open before automatically shutting down if there’s been no activity using the software. This time limit is set in minutes.

• Max Failed Login Attempts: This field sets the number of times someone can attempt to log in to BirdDog before the system locks that entity out of the system after trying to log in using the wrong username or password.

• Article Cart Timeout: This tool allows users to copy or move Customers, Sites, or Job Masters (Schedule & Dispatch) within the system. For example: Customers could be copied or moved to another Branch; Sites to another customer; and Job Masters to another Site. Contents in the cart will be cleared after the Article Cart Timeout period has elapsed. The timeout period is set in minutes.

• Max Search Results: This field sets the number of search results that will appear when a user is conducting a Basic Search or an Advanced Search within BirdDog software.

• Default Report Link Expiration: This field sets the timeframe for how long a link to a specific inspection report will remain “live.” Time options are: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year.

• Default Language: The default language for this software is English. “Default” in the field indicates this.


Company Preferences - Passwords Tab

The Passwords tab in the Company Preference section allows BirdDog system administrators to set the requirements for password setting protocols. First, system administrators will use the screen below to set the protocols for passwords. When setting up new users, an email will be sent to the new user with a temporary password. The first time the user logs in, a prompt will appear to set a new password based on the requirements established by the company’s BirdDog system administrator.

How To Set Password Protocols In BirdDog


Step 1: Key in the password protocol preferences for each field.

  • Minimum Length: This is the minimum number of characters for a password.
  • Required Characters: These fields allow system administrators to set the requirements for what’s contained in a password:
    • Letter: If you want to require a letter in passwords, LEFT CLICK the “Letter” field. When activated, this requirement will turn orange.
    • Number: If you want to require a number in passwords, LEFT CLICK the “Number” field. When activated, the requirement will turn orange.
    • Symbol: If you want to require a symbol in passwords, LEFT CLICK the “Symbol” field. When activated, the symbol requirement will turn orange.
    • Upper & Lower Cases: If you want to require both upper (capital letter) and lower-case letters in passwords, LEFT CLICK this box. When activated, the text in the box turns orange.


Company Preferences - Form Management Tab

The Form Management tab in the Company Preferences section allows BirdDog system administrators to enable or disable specific inspection forms within their BirdDog Inspection Software.

How To Enable or Disable Specific Inspection Forms

Step 1: LEFT CLICK on the Form Management tab. When you’ve selected Form Management, the tab will turn orange to indicate it’s been selected.



Step 2: LEFT CLICK on the inspection form you want to activate, or de-activate. Active Forms will be featured in orange type with a green check mark on the left. Simply LEFT CLICK on the form, and it will toggle between activated, or de-activated.





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