Managing Job Items in the Mobile App

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This article walks users through working with and managing Job Items within the ServiceTrade Mobile App.

Adding Items to a Job

On the Select Job Items page, technicians can add items individually or in bulk.
To do so, Technicians will:

  1. Tap the plus sign next to any items in the list that need to be added to the job.
  2. The selected items will be moved to the top of the Select Job Items page as they are added.
  3. Once all items are selected, a single tap of the Add button in the top right will add them to the Job.


Note: Once a job is completed, items cannot be added or edited on the job from the mobile app.


Adding an "Other Item" on a Job

On the updated Select Job Items page, technicians can now more efficiently and easily add an "Ad Hoc" item to a job directly from the Select Job Items page. 

  1. Tapping the "Other Item" listing at the top of the page will add a new "Ad Hoc" item to the Job.




Job Items Sections Based on Service

On the Job Items page, Technicians can see that items are grouped by each individual service performed on the job appointment. The sections are collapsible, so techs can quickly find the relevant items for the work they are performing.



Used/Available Job Item Quantities

Technicians are able to view at a glance how many job items are available to them and how many of those items have already been used on this job. If technicians add a Job Item using their normal workflow, it will automatically assign a used on date of the current date.

For example, if a technician adds 6 of a new item, the used on date will default to the current date for "used on", and will now appear as “6/6” on the item list.

Alternatively, If a Job Item shows "0/6", this means that there are 6 of these items available that the office expects the technician to use on this Job Appointment, so the technician knows that they need to use 6 of an item, but can differentiate at a glance which items have been used or not used.



  • Grey numbers represent the number of items a tech has marked as used for the job.
  • Blue numbers represent the number of items that are available or “intended to be used” for the job, I.E., no 'used on date' has been applied yet.

IMPORTANT: At this time, you cannot partially mark an item quantity as used, you can only mark all items as used.


Swipe Right to Mark an Item as Used

On the Job Items Page, Technicians can swipe right on any available Job items, and it will mark those items as used. It will also apply the 'used on date' as today's date.




Job Item Interface - Bottom Sheet

On the Job Items Page, Technicians can tap on any Job Item listed and it will open a Bottom Sheet menu at the bottom of the screen that will allow the Technician to mark all as used or tap the edit item button to take them to the item page




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