Adding and Managing Assets in the Mobile App

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This article will walk Techs through adding and managing Assets on the Mobile App.

To access the Mobile App and manage Assets, your User must have the User Type Technician and a Role with the Mobile App Access activity. If you can not log in to the Mobile App please contact your Office Admin or Manager at your company.


Adding an Asset

First, you must log in to the Mobile App with your User credentials.

  1. On a Job Page, tap the Assets Tile.
  2. Tap the Add Asset button.
  3. Tap Select Asset Type.
  4. Use the search bar or scroll to select the relevant Asset Type.
    • Once selected, the app will display the information fields relevant to that particular Asset. If you can't find a relevant Asset Type, contact your Office Admin or Manager.
  5. Enter information in all relevant fields for this Asset.
    • Most fields for Assets are not required. However, we recommend being as detailed as possible.
  6. Tap Save.


This will return you to Assets Menu where you can view your newly created Asset.

Managing Assets

Techs can also search, view, and edit Assets assigned to the Appointment, related to the assigned Asset, or all Assets on the Location on the Mobile App.

First, you must log in to the Mobile App with your User credentials.

On a Job Page, tap the Assets Tile to navigate to the Assets Menu. The Assets Menu is where you can manage the Location-specific Assets of the selected Job.

Searching and Selecting Assets

On the Assets Menu, you can use the AppointmentRelated, and All toggle to filter your view of the Assets at this Location:

  • Appointment  - View Assets assigned to this Job.
  • Related - View Assets related to this Job.
  • All - View all Assets at the Job's Location.

Once you have selected which filter you prefer, you can enter a search in the Search Bar to find a specific Asset. You can also scroll to find the relevant Asset.




Viewing and Editing Assets

Once you have found the relevant Asset on the Asset Menu, click the blue name of the Asset to open the View Asset Menu.

Here you can view details about the Asset including Asset Details, Service HistoryDeficienciesAttachments, and Tags.

You can tap Edit on this page to edit the Asset. This functions nearly identically to Adding an Asset.

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