Common Pre-Implementation Questions

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Adam Graetz
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This article answers common questions that new ServiceTrade Customers typically have before they begin their Onboarding Implementation. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Project Manager.


Which devices are recommended/certified for the field and supported by ServiceTrade?

The article linked here provides information about the devices recommended/needed for both office and field use of ServiceTrade.


What is the best way to get all the devices I need?

Third-party providers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, & TMobile can provide these devices to your business. ServiceTrade can help set up the app on each device.


Which operating system(s) support ServiceTrade?

  • ServiceTrade is a Software as a Service (SaaS), so all you need is a web browser. Our web software is optimized for use in Google Chrome.
  • For smartphone/tablet devices, we support Android and iOS.


What type of infrastructure is required for a typical installation of ServiceTrade?

ServiceTrade runs entirely in the cloud, so no infrastructure is needed other than a smartphone/tablet for field technicians and computers in the office. We have a Standard Implementation Plan (SIP) we can provide.


Are there any network requirements for ServiceTrade?

A broadband connection is recommended for office users. A 3G or better cellular connection (or better) is required for mobile users.


Which database is used and deployed with ServiceTrade?

ServiceTrade utilizes Amazon Web Services RDS cloud database, no local databases or servers are needed. Backups are also handled by Amazon's backup servers.


How does Amazon Web Services work?  Is it secure? Is my data backed up?

Click this link to learn more about Amazon, and the robust web services it provides ServiceTrade and its users: What is AWS?


What does the timeline for ServiceTrade implementation look like? How long will deployment take?

4 to 8 weeks from the signing of the contract is typical. For smaller teams, we recommend rolling it all out at once. For additional details, please refer to our Standard Implementation Plan (SIP), which will be provided by Support after your kickoff call.


How does ServiceTrade's software support work? How are bugs handled?

  • ServiceTrade support is available during business hours (9-7PM EST.)
    Premium and Enterprise Pricing Plans includes 24/7 emergency support for critical issues.
  • Bug fixes are deployed on a weekly basis, and new features are deployed every two weeks.


Does ServiceTrade provide prioritized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for support service requests?

Follow this link to our Service Level Agreement.


After paying for ServiceTrade's licenses, what will ServiceTrade do if I become dissatisfied for any reason?

ServiceTrade is Software as a Service set up as an annual subscription agreement. At the end of the agreement, with notification to ServiceTrade, you can stop using the service in the event you are not satisfied with the software or support.


How are major update releases, bug fixes, and minor enhancements managed by ServiceTrade?

Updates are deployed automatically to the cloud and are received instantly and automatically by all users accessing the site. The mobile apps can be configured to auto-update via the Google Play or Apple App Stores.


What would an estimated annual Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ServiceTrade be over 4 years?

  • ServiceTrade is Software as a Service and all charges and costs are included in the initial setup and ongoing annual subscription fee. There is a subscription fee per technician user, and staff user accounts are free. The current price can be viewed here.
  • There are no separate or additional hardware or maintenance costs.
  • Our (TCO) is consistent with other SaaS companies when you compare licensed or what we call on-premise software. SaaS upfront costs are lower and the recurring subscription is slightly higher than annual software maintenance. The cost typically is lower over the lifetime use of SaaS.


What is my storage limit?

All ServiceTrade plans offer unlimited storage.


Does ServiceTrade work outside of the United States?

Those using ServiceTrade outside of the U.S. should note the below: 

  • The user interface is currently only in English. 
  • Customer locations - The ServiceTrade interface currently only supports US/Canada addresses.   You may use our more permissive import tool.
  • Pricing is shown in no specific currency type, but ServiceTrade does use the currency symbol $.
    • You cannot switch currency types.
  • Suggested county sales tax rates are not available.
  • Distances read in miles, not kilometers.


Is there a Sandbox I can use to test things out?

  • We do not provide a traditional "Sandbox" except in limited cases to developers.
  • You are welcome to create an additional free trial account anytime to use as a testing environment/sandbox.

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