Creating Jobs from Approved Quotes

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Adam Graetz
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If a Quote is approved, you might get a notification (if you are subscribed to the Quote responded notification.) It is also a good idea to frequently search the Quotes list for Quotes of status Approved without Job.

Creating a Job from an Approved Quote

Note: Your quote needs to have a service, when you create a job from a quote. The service is what ties the quote to the job. If you do not have a service on the quote the job you create will not be associated to the quote.

  1. While viewing the Quote edit page, click the topmost green button - Create Job From Quote. This will bring up a menu to create a Job.
  2. Add a Purchase Order number if applicable.
  3. Add a due date if needed. Service due dates (if they exist) will carry over to this field.
  4. Choose whether or not to copy Quote comments and attachments. Because Quote comments and attachments can often be billing-related, we default not to copy these to Jobs. The privacy settings (public or my company only) will remain intact for all Quote comments and attachments.
  5. Click the green Create Job From Quote button. If the button is not illuminated or clickable, you are missing the required information from the above steps.

Adding an Approved Quote to an Existing Job

Sometimes, you may want to add Quotes approved by your customers to existing Jobs. To do this you can:

  1. Visit the approved Quote page.
  2. Click the green Add to Existing Job button from the Act on this Quote section.
  3. After clicking Add to Existing Job you will see a list of available Jobs that you can add to Quotes.
      • You may copy Quote attachments to the Job if you choose.
      • If you do not see any available Jobs on this list, you can create a new Job and add the quote to that Job.



I accidentally added a Quote to the wrong Job. How do I remove it?

  1. Go to the Job in question.  
  2. Find the Service(s) that came from the Quote.
  3. Click the gear icon toward the right side of the service information box.
  4. Click "Remove from Job". The Quote will then no longer be associated with the Job.

Why don't I see a specific Job in the Add To Existing Job List?

  • A canceled Job will not display in this list.
  • A completed Job will not display in this list.
  • If you have Jobs that are already associated with Quotes, they will not show up in this list.  ServiceTrade Quotes are viewed as contracts once they have been approved. Note: ServiceTrade will only allow one Quote to be attached to a Job, because multiple contracts may have conflicting pricing

Why did the Quote description not come over to the Job?

  •  If the Job already exists and the Quote is attached, the description will not move over. 
  • The Job must be created from the Quote to bring over the description.
    • You will be given an option to bring over the comments and attachments.

What do I need to do to a Quote after adding it to a Job, or after creating a Job from the Quote?

No further action is required.  The final status of a Quote is "Approved" rather than "Approved without Job".

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