Reconciling Payments in Sage 100 Contractor

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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1. Retrieve the current deposit report from the Payment Portal.

2. In Sage 100 Contractor, open 3-3-1 Cash Receipts

3. Fill in the header information as follows:

  • Account: The ledger account number for the desired account
  • Deposit #: The deposit number
  • Date: Today’s date
  • Description: A brief description, if desired
  • Client: The client number that corresponds to the ‘customer_company’ column

4. Select ‘Contract Invoices’ or ‘Service Invoices’, as appropriate

5. In the grid, enter the value of the ‘total’ column into the Paid cell of the invoice for which you want to receive payment.

6. Click File → Save

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each subsequent line on the deposit report.


Entering Invoice Cash Receipts

These steps show how to enter a cash receipt and apply it to invoices using the 3-3-1 Cash Receipts window.

To enter a payment against an invoice:

1. Retrieve the current deposit report from the Payment Portal

2. Open 3-3-1 Cash Receipts.

3. In the Account text box, enter the ledger account number for the cash account.

4. In the Deposit# text box, enter the deposit number.

5. In the Date text box, enter the deposit date.

6. In the Description text box, enter a brief statement about the transaction.

7. Do one of the following:

  • In the Client text box, enter the client number.
  • In the Job text box, enter the job number.

8. Do one of the following:

  • Click the Contract Invoices tab.
  • Click the Service Invoices tab.

9. Click the Display Invoices button.

10. In the grid:

  • In the Paid cell, enter the total amount received.
    Do not include any discount or credit in this amount.
  • If you are using discounts, in the Disc Available cell, enter the amount of the discount.
    If you are not using discounts, skip step b.

11. Important! To enter an overpayment for an invoice, the total of the Paid and Discount cells must equal the amount in the Balance text box. Then in the Overpayment cell, enter the amount paid in addition to the invoice payment, not the total amount.

12. Repeat step 9 for each invoice you want to pay.

13. Click File > Save.

Note: If you do not enter a job number or client number, Sage 100 Contractor displays all invoices.

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