Adding Deficiencies in the Mobile App

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This article will walk you through adding Deficiencies in the ServiceTrade Mobile App.


  1. Select the Appointment where you found the issue and select the Deficiencies button.

  2. Select Add Deficiency

  3. Write a description of the issue. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Once completed, tap Done and tap Next >

  4. Tap Add Attachments (if applicable) by importing media from your library, taking a new video or picture, or by recording an audio memo. Once complete tap Save and then Next >.

    • You can repeat this step as many times as necessary. If no attachments, just tap Next >.

  5. Select the Severity of the Deficiency: Inoperable, Deficient, or Suggested. Then tap Next >
  6. Select the Asset associated with this deficiency, then tap Next >
    • If you don't see the Asset, you may need to add the Asset to the Location first. Click here to learn about Adding Assets
  7. Select Current Status of Deficiency: New, Fixed, or Verified.
  8. Toggle on or off whether you would like the Deficiency Visible To Customer, then tap Next >
  9. Type a detailed Proposed Solution (if applicable), then tap Save.

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