What Does ServiceTrade Integrate With?

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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The following are some ways a ServiceTrade user can hook into other software.


Built-in Integrations

These are integrations that we develop, host, and maintain.  These are included (depending on your subscription level).

  • QuickBooks  (Select, Premium, Enterprise)
  • ComputerEase - Import Invoices (Premium, Enterprise)*
  • Intacct (Premium, Enterprise)
  • Service Reviews / Leads Nearby (Premium, Enterprise)


If interested in building your own simple integration with thousands of different web applications, check out our Getting Started with Zapier article. ServiceTrade Support for Zapier is available at the Premium level and higher.Custom integration

This would be software that you or your IT vendor builds, maintains, and supports for you. This software would run on servers that you own or control.  Our API is open and is documented here.  ServiceTrade Support for the API is available at the Premium level or higher.  For more information, please send us an email.


Fro ComputerEase, custom development hours (billable) are required to properly map entities such as GL codes.

Option 2 requires that the application you wish to integrate with provides Zapier functionality.  If you'd like to check, see the Zapier App Directory.

Option 3 requires the other application to have an open API, like ServiceTrade, or be willing to provide an API key/token to allow any potential integration access to functions needed.



What about Salesforce, Sage 100/300/Contractor/etc, Pipedrive, (or anything else)?

  • Check Zapier to see if the app you would like to connect to ServiceTrade is an option.
  • Check with your IT or developer (or vendors) around whether option 3 above would be an option for you.
  • In some cases, we may be able to refer you to a trusted 3rd party developer that we've worked with previously.  Please reach out to our sales department if this is something you'd like to discuss.

Can ServiceTrade build me a custom integration (other than via Zapier)?

  • Please contact ServiceTrade Support via email for more information, and please provide specific information about what exact actions you would like your proposed integration to do, and when.

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