Configuring your Invoice Link Payment Settings

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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Once your payment integration setup is complete, you can choose whether to accept credit cards and/or ACH payments, and you can also choose the minimum and maximum dollar amounts for which you want to accept payments for each method. This guide will walk you through how to do so.


1. To access these settings, click your profile image in the top right corner, followed by "Account Settings".


2. Click the green "Configure Payment Portal" button underneath the "Integrations" section.


3. From here, select from the drop-down menu whether or not you will accept credit card payment, followed by the minimum and maximum amount to be accepted.


4. Follow the same steps for ACH payments:


5. The next drop-down menu allows you to choose whether or not this integration will apply to all offices or only selected offices in your account.


Note: If you wish to have this integration apply to all offices, you are done! Click "Save Configuration" and return to your account. If you wish to have multiple payment integrations for the offices in your account continue to step 6.


6. In the 'Office Assignments' dropdown, select 'Selected offices only'.


7. In the list of offices that appears, check all the offices that should use this payment integration:


In the example above, only the Greensboro and Charlotte offices will use this integration.


8. Click 'Save Configuration' to save your changes.


Repeat this process for each office (or set of offices) that need to use a different payment integration.

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