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Adam Graetz
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Invoice Links are a great way to send your Invoices to customers. The customer can see all the Job information that you would like to share and easily access the Service Link as well.

This article will outline the process for sending your customers an Invoice Link.


Sending an Invoice Link

  1. To send your customer an Invoice Link, navigate to an invoice (make sure you're in the new invoice view)
  2. Click the blue Send Invoice Link button from the Action Menu on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. In the 'Invoice Link' dialog that appears, you can:
    • Choose whether to show or hide invoice comments (via the switch on the left-hand side.)
    • Preview the Invoice Link.
    • Send the Invoice Link to any location or customer contact for this invoice (or create a new contact.)
  4. Click 'Send'.


What Your Customers See

Your customer will receive an email inviting them to review your invoice online.

For end customers needing a "hard copy" of their invoice, a PDF version is also included as an attachment to the email. An example of the email the customer receives is pictured below:



When your end-customer clicks the 'View Invoice Details' button, the Invoice Link page will open in a web browser.


Tracking Customer Invoice Link View History

As with Service Links and quotes, whenever customers view an Invoice Link, that action is recorded in the invoice's history.



Note: Invoice Link emails are NOT carbon copied (cc'ed) to the sender. To see the content of an Invoice Link email that was sent to a customer, click the appropriate entry in the invoice's history.



To search for invoices that have been sent (or not sent) to your customers via Invoice Link, simply use the 'Sent' search option on the invoice list.



Can I fully customize the look and feel of my Invoice Link? Like an Email Template?

Outside of toggling on or off specific invoice comments, you cannot currently create email templates and/or fully customize the look and feel of your Invoice Links.

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