Using the New Invoice Page (March 9, 2021)

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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Check it out by clicking on the 'Use the new invoice view' link on the invoice page:


Note: If the blue button in the top right corner of your page says "Go to the old invoice view," then this means you are already viewing the new page.


Like many of our other pages, the new invoice page now includes easy access to other important information such as the associated job, contract, customer, and location at the very top of the page... well as quick access to important financial values such as revenue, cost, and margin in the upper right Invoice Status section:



It also includes hints when hovering over every editable section:


To edit a section, simply click the section where you would like to make changes. Clicking on a section immediately opens it in edit mode. Below is the edit screen for the header section. In addition to the general info regarding the invoice itself, you can also see a list of available statuses for this invoice.


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