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Managing Appointments

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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Within ServiceTrade, Appointments are the groups of Services that represent a body of work to be performed by one or more Techs, at a specific point in time. This article will guide users through managing those Appointments via the Job page.


Managing Appointments

When you create a Job, you must select a service, if you don't schedule and assign.

Scheduling Multi-Day Appointments

This section will cover scheduling Multiple Appointments for a Single Service and Multiple Appointments for Multiple Services.

Creating Multiple Appointments for a Single Service

  1. From the Job page, click the text "Schedule This Appointment." The text then becomes fields you can use to schedule your Appointment. 
  2. Click on the field containing the date, and a new option will appear to "Choose multiple days."
  3. Click each date for which an Appointment is needed and then click "Done."
  4. Finish by selecting the desired start time and expected duration and clicking the blue "Save" button to the right. You will now see multiple identical copies of your Appointments.
    Note: If a service is scheduled for a single day, the service appointment cannot be changed to a multi-day appointment and the Choose multiple days button will no longer appear as an option.

Note: Appointments created from a single service are copies of that original service. This means that marking one instance of the service as complete will mark all instances complete. 


Adding Additional Appointments

  1. To schedule multiple blank Appointments, Click the "Add New Appointment or Service" button.
    Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 4.01.15 PM.png
    • Important Note: If you have a Service on a currently unscheduled job, the button "+ Add New Appointment or Service" will not appear (See below.)

      Once you schedule the Appointment with a date and time, the "+ Add New Appointment or Service" button will reappear (See below.)

  2. You must select Add New ServiceAdd an Existing Deficiency, or Add an Existing Service at this location. You can select from the tab options below.
    Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 4.08.46 PM.png
    • Add New Service:
      1. Follow the normal steps to creating a service. See Creating and Managing Services for additional details.
    • Add Existing Deficiency:
      1.  Click the Choose a Deficiency dropdown and select the relevant deficiency.
        Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 4.10.44 PM.png
      2. The deficiency's asset will be prepopulated in the asset field. The asset's Service Line will prepopulate the service line field. The deficiency's proposed solution will prepopulate in the description field.
      3. Follow the normal steps to creating a service. See Creating and Managing Services for additional details.
    • Add Existing Service:
      1. On the Show: dropdown, select whether you want to view Services not already on this job, Services already on this job, or All services. You can add services that are already on the job to as many appointments as you would like. This allows you to have multiple appointments for the same service.
      2. Check to select the service(s) that you want to add to the appointment.
  3. Click Save when done.
  4. You will now have an unscheduled and unassigned appointment.
  5. You will need to schedule, assign, and release the appointment for the tech to perform work.


Releasing Appointments to Technicians

Canceling Appointments

With ServiceTrade you can cancel a Service, an Appointment, or a Job. Canceling a Job will close the Job and cancel all the services and Appointments associated with the job. 


When canceling an Appointment, you will have three options. 

  • Keep this Appointment's services on this job - All open Services on this Appointment will be moved to an unscheduled Appointment on this job.
  • Remove this Appointment's services from this job - All open services on this Appointment will be removed from this job. They will be available at the job's location and can be added to other jobs.
  • Cancel this Appointment's services - Cancel all the open services on this job. They will no longer be available at the job's location, and they cannot be added to other jobs.

Note: Canceling a service on an Appointment will leave the option to reopen that Service. Deleting or removing will not. 

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